Do you frame paint by numbers before painting?


You wish to begin a new painting by numbers, but you don’t determine you should frame it before painting? Acquire more information about quadri da dipingere con i numeri

This activity is actually a real interest, but it is important to know if it is needed to frame prior to starting.

But don’t freak out, our company is passionate about this topic and know specifically how to help you.

Let’s learn together what to do now the answer will be to this essential question.

Frame your painting before or following you paint it? Some great benefits of each solution

When you obtain the paint kit, you will need to look for the pros and cons of stretches the paint before you start off painting. When it is perfect to frame the material before painting, it is perfectly acceptable to do so following the paint has completely dehydrated.

The key benefits of stretching out the material before painting

The key benefits of framework your paint by numbers before painting are as follows:

Right after framing your fabric, you can place it upon an easel and paint like a true artist. This makes it much easier for you to paint your canvas vertically if you desire.

You can have much less area to paint, because part of your canvas will not be obvious since it will probably be along the side of the wooden frame.

You may have the last size of your masterpiece, so you can easily see where you should be able to dangle it.

You have less risk of harming your work by maneuvering it after painting it.

The benefits of stretches the paint by numbers after painting it

The main advantages of framework the material after painting it are listed below:

You can paint your paint by numbers horizontally on the toned surface area, like a table or desk.

You can pick an appropriate frame for your personal work of art.

The best way to set up your fabric about the frame

Within this area, we shall illustrate the methods necessary to frame your painting. Please be aware that this really is a means for DIY picture frames. If you select another kind of framework, it will be easier for you.

If you decided to frame the canvas, begin by laying the canvas (numbered aspect down) on the flat, crystal clear area.

Build the wooden frame, making sure that it is correctly spherical.

Put the wooden stretcher along with the fabric, face down and effectively focused.

Ensure that the edges from the material match up the edges from the frame. Secure the fabric with a pin or two so that it will not move.

After you have positioned the frame correctly in relation to the material, location one of the longer ends in the material (and frame) dealing with you. Stretch out the material around you can (but make sure you continue to keep for the ends) and fold it within the frame.

Once the canvas is flattened consistently, use tacks to be sure of positioning and standard the canvas when you are certain it is appropriate. At this moment, our recommendation is that you staple simply the center of your side for now, departing the finishes free.

Proceed to the exact opposite area from the frame, and that time expand the canvas up to you can without distorting the print around the canvas. Fold it in the same manner as being the other side and reattach the midst of the fabric to the frame.

Relocate to one from the smaller sized aspects, extend and fold using the same technique. Fold the edges of the canvas to tuck one part under the other, making guaranteed to stretch out uniformly and staple the edges as well.

Perform repeatedly to the other part and contact the front side in the fabric to see if it is extended properly.

Include a few more tacks if needed.

Staple the fabric to make sure it is consistently stretched.

After the material is finally attached to the frame, toned off any unwanted canvas which may be unattractive.

Congrats! Your material is frameworked, no one can differentiate from a pre-extended canvas and yours if you managed it proper.


As you can easily see, framework your paint by numbers before or right after painting it is entirely up to you.

With all of this information, you now know the benefits of each approach.

That’s why we advise you to try both techniques to discover which one suits you best. It is worth noting which our store offers you artwork by number already frameworked.

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