Do You Know About These Latest 5 Features of Best Adventure Bike Helmet?

Adventure bike accessories are as interesting and exciting as an adventure ride! Just as you enjoy every moment of your thrilling ride, you enjoy every moment of using any special bike accessory. Especially, when it is about choosing the best adventure bike helmet, the thrill doubles up because helmet is one of the most essential and popular bike accessories. From providing ultimate protection to the rider to giving you that unique look and feel, choosing the best adventure bike helmet is certainly an adventure in itself! If you have been using your bike helmet since a long time and wish to change it now, you ought to know about the latest interesting features in the adventure helmets. Though, there are many more other features too, apart from the ones listed below, we have tried to include the most popular ones for now!

The superb ultrawide visor

Take a look at the most popular brands’ adventure helmets. You will notice an ultrawide visor. The same ensures a broader and clearer view. The wide visors increase the safety of the rider by providing better view and protecting the rider’s face from wind, fog, etc. the wide visors in latest adventure helmets also ensure better circulation of air.


Pinlock inner visors with fog resistance featurebest adventure bike helmet

You will be glad to know that at present, there are helmets which have pinlock inner visors with fog resistance feature. Even the stretch of pinlock inner visor can be attuned according to the rider’s requirement.

VPS sunscreen

Another impressive feature available in the latest and best adventure bike helmet is the scratch resistance feature along with the removable UV protection. This simply means that the UV protection can be detached, cleaned and used again with ease.

Optimal ventilation

Every rider needs the best of ventilation inside the helmet. The improper ventilation can result in fog, discomfort and safety risks. The latest range of adventure helmets include optimal ventilation for the rider. In other words, the enthusiastic riders get to ride comfortably even in the most extreme weather conditions.

The coordinated movement of Peak or Visor

When you will buy the best adventure bike helmet from the most popular brands, you will observe that there is an amazing feature of coordinated movement of peak or visor. The rider can adjust the movement according to different conditions and can ride with comfort.

Apart from the above-mentioned features in the recent adventure bike helmets, there are many other alluring features too. The most important point is that you, as a rider, should know what matters the most for you! Once you have identified your distinct requirements, you can explore the latest wide range of adventure helmets available in the market. The best part is that you can also choose to buy such awesome adventure helmets online. Just choose the right portals that are authentic and follow the best standards of the bike industry!

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