Do You Know How Many Precious Items Your Old Computer Contains?

Some people are not aware of how many precious items their old computer contains. Believe me; there are several valuable materials that you may end up throwing in the landfill if you don’t know about them. That is why there is an increased need for Toronto computer recycling of old computers and other electronics. With a proper computer, LCD LED TV disposal Toronto, you keep your data safe and confidential and make money by procuring these precious components.

Proper recycling of electronics like old computers is extremely necessary, since a large percentage of them are put to waste in a landfill or drawer. By recycling your old computers, you can procure the precious components that can be reused. In the end, they reduce the need for mining and processing new materials, thereby reducing costs and saving the environment. Some of the precious components that old computers and other electronic devices contain include the following:

Silver: Used in cell phones, printed circuit boards, keyboard membranes, some capacitors, and computer chips.

Gold: Used in cell phones, connectors, fingers, computer chips, and printed circuit boards.

Palladium: Used in hard drives, cell phones, capacitors, and circuit board components

Platinum: Used in circuit boardcomponents and hard drives

Nickel: Used in circuit board components

Tin: Used in computer chips and printed circuit boards

Copper:Used in wiring cables, CPU heat sinks, computer chips, cell phones, and printed circuit boards

Tantalum:Used in some capacitors and circuit board components

Cobalt: Used in hard drives

Aluminum:Used in computer chips, printed circuit boards, CPU heat sinks, and hard drive

Zinc:Used in printed circuit boards

Neodymium:Used in hard drives

So, you see, old computers and electronic devices contain substantial amounts of precious components in them. According to an EPA estimate, every 1 million cell phones contain these precious metals:

  • 75 pounds of gold
  • 772 pounds of silver
  • 35,274 pounds of copper
  • 33 pounds of palladium

Therefore, when it’s time to dispose of your old computer, you must consider sending the following computer parts for Toronto computer recycling:

  • Circuit board or motherboard
  • CPU or computer processor
  • RAM (Memory), circuit fingers, pins, and connectors
  • Cables and wires
  • Hard drives

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