Do You Know – Why Books Are Our Best Friends?


Everyone says – “Books Are Our Best Friends” but do you know the reasons behind it?
Books understand us and are more patient than most people. Also, good books make our mood cheer up and soothe the soul, and make us laugh out loud, just like a best friend.

Books never judge you based on looks, appearance, or what other people think about you. They will never judge you on anything. They do not care if you are rich or poor, white or black. They accept you for who you are. Also, whenever you feel lonely, books are always there to join you.

Here are some reasons to show why books are our best friends?

1. Books give us Hope, Courage, and Motivation
2. Books can change our perspective towards life
3. Books never judge us
4. Books never question us
5. Books can make us laugh
6. Books make us smarter
7. Books don’t get angry at us
8. Books make us a better person
9. We can travel with books anywhere in the world
10. Books never make excuses
11. Books never complain

So, these are the reasons which make me feel like books are our best friends. However, it does not mean that humans cannot be our best friends.

Of course, they can be. But it is hard to find many qualities in one human. And if you have a friend like this, you are the luckiest person in the world.

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