Do You Love Someone? Say it with Flowers


Expressing your feelings to someone is hard. Not everyone dares to say it, especially when they’re not sure about his or her feelings.

While there are many ways to express the love that you could easily lose, nothing helps make the person understand the feelings you feel the right way better than flowers. When words fail, flowers speak! Anyone who has experienced and seen the power of flowers can tell you how they can bring comfort, add warmth, express feelings, and provide support when words are few. Thanks to the creativity and expertise of every florist in Toronto Ontario! Florists can help you select the best flowers in such a way that expresses your love and emotions.

In fact, personalising flowers deepens the feelings and prompts a happy smile on the beautiful face on your significant other. But, which flowers? Keep reading.


It’s no wonder roses are one of the best flowers associated with love and romance. They are the mythical symbol of true love. Roses have inspired writers, designers, poets, and everyone. Roses can help you capture the heart of your beloved and show them that you have cared for them since you first met them. Could there be any reason to deny your feelings when you say it with a bouquet of roses? If you’re hesitant to deliver the flowers by yourself, surprise your beloved by same day flower delivery Toronto with a note.


The initial stages of love are a bit crazy as you’ll be feeling all emotions at once. If you’re currently at the beginning of the relationship, you can very well choose Tulips. These blooms arranged in a bouquet with other decorative flowers or minimal foliage are sure to impress your beloved and make them feel more special and cared for.


Lilies are associated with true love, romance, purity, and unity. They are a bold and dramatic choice. Opt for Asiatic and Tiger lilies that come in a range of colours, including red, orange, pink, and yellow. Or choose Oriental lilies with their aromatic perfume and huge blossoms.


Find your way into your beloved’s heart with exotic purple Iris flowers. A bouquet of Iris is a perfect gift for your special someone as they symbolise hope, love, and faith all through the years of togetherness.


Peonies are the symbol of love, beauty, romance, and grace. A luscious bouquet of soft and fragrant peonies makes a great gift to impress your crush. Their season is short, so order them while you can – usually in late May to early June.

Need help with choosing flowers to make your beloved fall for you? Seek the advice of a Florist in Toronto Ontario.

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