Do You Make These Simple Mistakes In Ecommerce Shipping?

 Ecommerce Shipping


Ecommerce business is one of the most businesses to adopt in today’s scenario. But unlike any other business, there are various things to consider while starting the same. The most prominent one is to collaborate with the best logistics partner for ecommerce.


To stay in the competition and build a successful ecommerce business, there are certain mistakes that one should avoid at any cost. These can have a negative impact leading to a fall in sales or goodwill of the business.


So, let us look at the simple mistakes that are a must to be avoided in ecommerce shipping.


Simple Mistakes In Ecommerce Shipping


The most common mistakes that needs to be avoided in ecommerce shipping are:


  • Avoiding customer’s freedom to select the shipping option

One of the biggest mistakes that ecommerce shipping makes is avoiding the customer’s freedom to select the shipping option. The shipping options, quick delivery, COD shipping, and various other factors make a customer feel valued, but lack of the same can make the customer feel annoyed.


  • Paying lack of attention to delivery

Selecting the best delivery partner for ecommerce is one of the essential facts needed to ensure that the business runs smoothly. If the due attention is not paid while selecting the delivery partner, there are chances of lapses and delays that can hamper the image.


  • Avoiding packaging considerations

Customers prefer to order from an ecommerce platform that offers friendly and secure packaging. Correct packaging is essential to stay ahead in the competition and ensure that the product reaches the customers in the best condition. 


  • Improper tracking facility

Today, when you sell products online, customers wish to track the product delivery at every stage. A smooth tracking system, if not facilitated with the ecommerce business, can make a negative impact.


  • High delivery charges

Customers are usually reluctant to pay the high delivery charges. If an ecommerce business plans to charge high standard delivery charges irrespective of the order placed, the chances of actual orders are relatively low. 


  • No attention to return reasons

Improper shipping audits can lead to a series of issues that can impact the image of the ecommerce business. Lack of ecommerce audits can make it challenging to identify the reasons for late delivery, returns, and refunds, which can be harmful to business image.


  • Lack of automation

In the ecommerce business, efficiency is everything. Rather than spending hours designing labels that no one will notice, automate the process and print them instead. At the same time, automation can assist in smoothing the delivery system, allowing consumers to get their orders promptly and effortlessly.


  • Product specifications are vague.

It can be one of the biggest mistakes to make. Incorrect product specifications can lead to unsatisfied clients, returns, bad reviews, and potential revenue loss. One of the most prominent reasons that can cause negative ecommerce shipping needs to be paid due attention to.


  • Unclear shipping policies

One of the most significant faults that one can make with ecommerce shipping is unclear shipping policies. Improper policy regarding the time required to complete the delivery, international shipping, and the logistics partner to be used can cause unnecessary delays and defaults. 




Ecommerce shipping is one of the most important aspects of having a successful ecommerce business. Defaults and loopholes in the shipping policies, delays in shipping, and collaboration with inefficient delivery partners for ecommerce can have an adverse impact on the ecommerce business

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