Do You Need Professional Treatment for an Ankle Sprain?

Before you search around for the best pain doctor Houston for treating an ankle sprain, you might be most concerned with whether or not you need professional treatment for your injury. This is a complicated question to answer, so the people from Performance Pain have prepared some tips for you to reference while deciding what to do.

Mild Sprains Heal Fast

If you have a mild ankle sprain, you also probably have minimal problems walking around the house and carrying out your normal routine. Mild sprains tend to heal a lot quicker. They also usually won’t merit any sort of professional treatment. Put an ankle brace on while healing, and you should be back to full health soon.

Moderate-Severe Sprains May Need Professional Help

Moderate and severe sprains are very difficult to deal with. These will often leave the user crippled for at least one month. If you have a grade 3 ankle sprain, it will take several months before you heal fully. Then, the damage caused by the tear will continue to heal even after the pain disappears.

Remember the “RICE” Technique

The “RICE” technique is a simple acronym to remember while determining how to treat your ankle sprain from home. This stands for rest, ice, elevate, and compress. This should be a routine for you to follow daily while you are recovering from your sprained ankle.

Severe Sprains May Need Surgery

If you have a sprained ankle that just doesn’t seem to ever go away, you might have a sprain that requires surgery. Although physical therapy is normally the best place to start, be sure to consider the possibility that you may need surgery.

You May Need Physical Therapy Afterwards

Suffering from a particularly severe ankle sprain often has very drastic impacts on your ankle’s health. If you are serious about getting your ankle’s strength to full speed after healing, click to read and learn more about physical therapy and how it can be very helpful for you while recovering from an ankle sprain.

Think You Need Professional Help for Your Sprained Ankle?

If you want to find a great pain clinic for sprained ankles, check out Performance Pain Houston. As a first-time client, you will be able to access a free consultation. During this time, one of our trained professionals will be able to determine the intensity of your sprain, and whether or not you need professional help.

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