Do Your Teeth Change When you’re Pregnant?

There are several dental problems that include teeth decay, discolouration of teeth and gum diseases that can be caused by changes in our body. Some people are concerned about whether their teeth are going to change during pregnancy.


Although there are some things happening in your body that can affect your teeth, ensuring you maintain good oral hygiene such as brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste will keep you on track with your dental health throughout your pregnancy.

Dental Problems As A Result Of Pregnancy


The following are some of the dental problems that can occur during pregnancy. Note that these do not appear in all those who are pregnant.

1.Gum Problems

During pregnancy hormones usually fluctuate which can cause gum problems. Some of the problems that you might experience include gingivitis, periodontitis as well as pregnancy epulis.

If you experience any of these problems during pregnancy, it is recommended that you seek dental help to determine the root cause of these issues. There are usually solutions to these problems if they are not left unattended. In addition any changes in hormones from your pregnancy should resolve themselves afterwards.

2. Cravings Causes You to Consume Unhealthy Foods

Unhealthy foods such as sweets and other sugary foods can cause problems with your teeth. It is important to avoid these types of foods as much possible to keep your teeth strong and healthy. If you cannot, just ensure you are brushing thoroughly twice daily.

  1. Loosening of Teeth

The jawbone and ligaments in your mouth can loosen during pregnancy which causes teeth to start moving a little. If you feel that your teeth are moving too much, it is important to seek help to avoid potential tooth loss.


4. Pregnancy Tumours

These are small swellings that occur on your teeth gums. They bleed easily when disturbed and they can sometimes be very painful. In most cases, pregnancy tumours are caused by excess plaque formation around your teeth.

The best way to protect your teeth during pregnancy is to take care of them. This involves following the right oral hygiene practices such as brushing your teeth regularly, flossing, attending regular dental check-ups, etc.

On a positive note, a lot of these potential problems are short term and disappear after you are no longer pregnant. it is still recommended that you keep on top of your dental health regardless, as some damage can not be undone.

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