Do yourselves a favor at the meantime Remember this when 2k22 drops.

2K will never create overhauls to 2K21 MT repair the servers since people keep paying and playing the sport. I haven’t purchased a 2k game since 17 because I was fed up with how the company treats it’s customers.Sadly that is accurate. The rosters are still old and the season is 10+ matches in. The area is not even worth playing 2k and that’s a shame because that’s the best aspect of the game. I believed for $10 I wouldn’t care… And I really don’t that much… However, I really do. Repair it damn it.

Do yourselves a favor at the meantime Remember this when 2k22 drops.

Regarding the roster updates Stadia Support stated that I should inquire 2k about it and 2k said that it is an issue on the Stadia side. I stopped playing and won’t touch a 2k match again.The site I am writing for is not very big, but it helps bringing focus to it.

Wrote a little article about it too and hopefully this get sorted out, because this is unacceptable.Man I’ve spent many wasted hours with this game lol Need to download rosters the neighborhood makes for myleague it is total bullshit however yo big up anyone who makes them and shares them… also, cease adding ur established character to the Lakers pls.It’s so reassuring to see others have the Identical problem, how can we come together and make a change for the unpolished turd that is NBA 2k21

Absolutely spot on. I stopped playing the game almost completely despite being the highest rep in the area due to all the crashing and bugs. Even the most mundane tasks such as changing badges, employing the 2k phone, changing animations will bring about the whole game to crash. I have received an email from the developers stating they marked the Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins problems within their own database and will work to fix them”when possible” but the odds of them actually fixing the bugs in the game is very very slim.Stadia should contact the devs. Though this does require the men and women who purchased the sport to get 2k. You should provide the link so that we can message 2k directly and let them know people arent going to stand for their scams!

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