Document Translation Explained: What it is & Why You Need it

When searching for online services for your business, there’s one type that might not catch your attention at first. You may think that document translation services are not necessary, yet they are. When your business documents are translated into the native or local language of your target audience, prospective clients or customers will likely spend time getting to know more about you; thus, boosting your sales and conversion.

Or perhaps, as an individual, you may need to submit official documents to a government agency. Regardless of the reason, getting document translation services in Singapore is worth your money.

And to help you understand document translation services, here are the things you need to know:

Document Translation – What is it?

Document translation is the process of translating written materials and documents from one language to another. These include manuals, letters, emails, audio recordings, video recordings, and even websites.

The benefits of document translation services in Singapore are many, one of which is convenience. Most translation agencies have native speakers and translation specialists who have skills in major languages and industries. You can be guaranteed that the translation is done accurately and the original intent of the document is never lost.

Kinds of Document Translation Services

Document translation services can be either business-related or non-business-related. For business-related purposes, the most common kinds of document translation services in Singapore are financial document translation, legal document translation, and medical document translation.

Financial document translation services typically cover the banking, financial, and insurance sectors. With financial translation, businesses in these sectors are able to communicate globally and effectively.

Legal document translation services are necessary for all your legal needs. Your contract, will, articles of incorporation, and other legal documents must be translated accurately to retain their legal intent and avoid any misunderstandings.

Medical document translation services cater to healthcare, medical, and pharmaceutical companies. When medical documents are properly translated, they can improve many aspects for both professionals and patients. Clinical protocols, case reports, physician manuals, patient reports, test procedures, and more are commonly translated.

Other types of document translation services are literary translation, technical translation, website translation, multimedia translation, script translation, and software translation, among others.

The Process of Document Translation

Once you’ve chosen a translation agency, the process usually starts with your enquiry. The translation agency will then ask for your requirements in detail and delegate the job to a translator.

You’ll be required to send your document in .doc, .docx, or whichever format you use. The translator will then convert your document into the file format you want. It will likewise be proofread before the translated copy is sent.

You may give your feedback, but if there’s none, the process will be immediately concluded.

Summing Up

With document translation services in Singapore, you can enjoy high-quality work, convenience, and timely delivery. You can also save on extra work and time as the professional translators will do the job for you.

Take advantage of document translation services and enjoy the vast benefits they can bring to your business.

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