Does Delta have a veteran’s discount?

Delta Airlines is one of the major airlines across the globe in the aviation industry. The services of the airline are profound, and it is one of the oldest airlines in the world. Delta has always been up for providing extreme comfort and support to its passengers. And that is why they introduce various kinds of discounts to help their passengers travel within their budget. So, if you are gathering information regarding delta airlines veteran discount. Then, you are on the right article to know it all. Refer to this article till the end and gain knowledge of Delta Airlines.

Delta Airlines Veteran Discounts

Now Delta airlines seem to have discounts for active US military members. So, if you are looking for a discount being an old member of the armed forces, then it is not possible at Delta Airlines. However, suppose you are a current member of the armed forces. In that case, you can continue reading further and avail the benefit of the Delta military discount and travel safely with them.

How can you get the military discount on Delta Airlines?

Military discounts are available for all of the active duty members of the US service. You can contact Delta Airlines’ customer service team through the calling method. And once your call gets passed through the assistant who is available at the desk. Then, you can ask them to make a reservation for you and allow you the military discount as well.

What do you get in Delta Airlines military discounts?

The following are the perks involved in Delta Airlines’ military discount.

  • The military men under the military discount get access to early check-in and are also given the “early boarding” opportunity.
  • The military members can get up to 5 baggage allowances, and they only have to pay $ 30 onwards for every extra baggage.
  • If your ticket carries medical emergency assistance, you will get the assistance for the same.
  • The discount prices may vary for the different military members. However, you do get a military discount.
  • Passengers can visit the official website of Delta airlines and get to know more benefits associated with Delta Airlines military discounts.

Bottom Line

Now, this is the end of the information associated with the Delta Airlines veteran discount. So, if in case you have any queries or something you want assistance with, then you can contact the customer service of Delta Airlines by calling on delta airlines phone number or any other contact method. The customer service of Delta Airlines has got an assistant for 24 hours throughout. So, you can contact the airlines at any time of the day and gain advantage of their services.

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