Does DVT (Deep vein thrombosis ) need an immediate Vein Doctor in New York?

People suffer from Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) when a blood clot develops in single or multiple deep veins in your body. The DVT can make you suffer from leg pain or swelling. Usually, DVT doesn’t show any symptoms but it can be seen on the legs.  

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Most often, the DVT can be seen in people who have specific medical situations that lead to blood clotting in their bodies. The main reasons to form blood clotting in your body may be prolonged sitting or standing or you have gone through surgery, or you have been traveling  a long distance, or you are on bed rest for a few days.

It can become a serious problem when blood clots in your veins can explode and get stuck in your leg. In this case, you require a vein doctor new york.


Signs and Indications of DVT:


Sign and symptoms of  Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)  may involve:


  • When there is swelling in the affected leg.
  • If you have pain in your leg that starts in your calf can cause cramping or soreness.
  • Red-colored skin in the leg.
  • A sensation of warmness in the legs.




According to a vein clinic Manhattan, the primary causes of DVT are destruction to a vein from surgery and swelling due to infection and injury.

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Some of the risk factors that can increase the possibility of occurring DVT include:


  • If the person is older than sixty the probability of having DVT increases. However, it can occur to a person of any age.  
  • When you are resting for long periods of time, blood clots can form in the calves of your legs as muscle contractions help the blood to circulate.
  • If you have injured veins or gone through surgery, the risk of forming blood clots may increase.
  • Pregnancy heightens the pressure in the veins especially in your pelvis and in your legs.
  • Due to oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy, the risk of blood clotting may increase.
  • If you are overweight, the pressure is increased in the veins in your pelvis and legs.
  • Smoking also affects blood clotting and blood circulation that increases the risk of DVT.  
  • Some types of cancer increase substances in your blood that cause the formation of the blood clot.
  • If you have gone through heart failure, your risks for DVT may increase as it has limited heart and lung function.


The following factors may increase the risk of DVT in your body and it will require the attention of a vein doctor Fidi.



Why need a vein treatment NY?


  • When the PE(Pulmonary embolism) is associated with DVT, it becomes a life-threatening risk. It happens when an artery is blocked by a blood clot in your lungs or by deep veins that travel from your legs. That requires immediate treatment with vein treatment NYC. The symptoms of PE are sudden shortness of breath, chest pain while inhaling or coughing, rapid breathing, rapid pulse, etc.
  • The postphlebitic syndrome can damage your veins by developing blood clots and reducing the blood circulation in the affected areas. In addition, it can cause skin discoloration and skin sores.
  • Bleeding is a side effect of blood thinners that can be a critical situation. In this case, it is compulsory to have regular blood tests when you are on such kinds of medications.


These are some of the DVT complications that need immediate response to get a vein treatment.

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