Does IGET legend vape have Nicotine?

Some studies suggest that vaping simulate the smoking experience without any of the usual health risks. Although vaporizer solutions use water vapour and not “smoke,”. Vaping refers to using e-cigarettes that simulate or feel like smoking without incurring the health risks of smoking.

It consists of an artificial vapour-producing device with a liquid cartridge, Nicotine, solvents and flavours, battery and heating element. IGET bar 3500 nicotine

IGET legend vape Contains Nicotine?

Usually, there are nicotine-free liquids as well.

The risk of nicotine addiction when replacing traditional cigarettes with e-cigarettes is unknown. There has been no significant evidence to show that secondhand exposure is harmful, but the long-term risks are unclear.

Looking for an e-liquid that doesn’t contain Nicotine? Check out Gunnpod – an e-liquid made without Nicotine that is perfect for people trying to quit smoking! Legend vape offers a variety of flavours, so you’re sure to find one you love.

What is IGET legend vape?

IGET legend vape is a new e-cigarette designed to help smokers quit smoking. IGET legend vape comes with a nicotine cartridge and a flavour cartridge. The flavour cartridge has strawberry, mango, banana, and peach flavours.

IGET legend vape is available online now at


It’s time to kick the habit of your addiction with Blackberry Ice by IGET LEGEND vape. This product is a great option whether you want to quit vaping completely or just cut back. The pre-filled disposable device is made with a salt nicotine cartridge (5% salt nic) and a 3-in-1 safety feature that will prevent accidents.


It is a pre-charged and disposable e-cigarette designed to punch your flavour. The device features salt nicotine that satisfies cigarettes’ throat hit so you can enjoy your favourite vaping flavour like never before. The device is compact and light so that you can take it anywhere. IGET legend puffs


It is a sophisticated yet affordable disposable e-cigar with cola lemon flavour. A contemporary device for vapers and smokers looking for something new in their life.


If your current vape needs a refresh, then the GRAPE ICE flavour vape by IGET LEGEND is the perfect option. This disposable device offers a clean and crisp taste through salt nicotine, a 5% concentration which gives you the accuracy of a cigarette-style throat hit. The device is available in twelve-millilitre pre-filled cartridges to enjoy this fresh, light, and portable daily.


The IGET legend vape does not have Nicotine.

If you are looking for an e-liquid that doesn’t contain Nicotine, check out Gunnpod – an e-liquid made without Nicotine that is perfect for people trying to quit smoking!

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