Does organic food items help in preventing cancer?

Food is one of the main source of energy for a human body which is necessary for our survival. The energy helps our body work actively. Without energy, a person can’t work efficiently, he feels dull and lazy. We should eat healthy food and have a balanced diet. A balanced diet is a diet full of nutrition which contains different kinds of food in various proportions. Balanced diet basically fulfills the requirement of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and mineral, roughage and calories in our body.

Balanced diet provides around 60 – 70% of calories from carbohydrates, 20- 25% of calories from fats and 10- 12% of calories from proteins. There are two kinds of foods i.e. organic as well as non – organic foods. Here, we’ll discuss about organic food and their role in preventing cancer. Organic food is basically a kind of fresh or processed food. Organic foods do not demand human intervention in terms of pesticides and fertilizers and are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals. These are chemical free and fresh foods. In the ongoing 21st century, there is a huge demand of organic food items as the citizens are aware of the benefits of organic food products.

Other than their benefits to humans, organic food is also beneficial to the environment as there is no use of chemical fertilizers. Organic foods are more expensive because of their labour intensive methods as well as the geographic variations. These organic foods are healthier and beneficial for human beings. Organic foods are highly rich in nutrients and they also include dairy products. Yes, Organic food items help in the prevention of cancer.

According to the study of researchers, it has been found that people who often intake organic food items have strong immune and are 75% less likely to develop cancer as compared to people who never ate organic food. Having a healthy lifestyle, intake of organic food items, exercising and prohibit smoking and have more fiber rich food, fruits, vegetables and legumes. These foods are known as cancer fighting foods due to their pesticides and chemicals free nature.

Organic food acts a magic for cancer patients as it helps in building immunity, improving health and is a way of nourishment of body in cancer patients. Organic foods are fresh and are not exposed to synthetic fertilizers, hormones, additives, chemicals and preservatives. These organic foods contain less amount of nitrate and mor amount of vitamins. On the whole, we can conclude by saying that organic foods are chemical free in nature and if they are properly used along with exercises and health care routine, the chances of getting prone to cancer gets reduced around 75%. These organic food items are safe and pest free and helps in improving the health.

Now, there is a need for the people to become health conscious and moving towards a healthy lifestyle and intake more of organic food items and becoming fit and less prone to cancer. At the end, I would like to conclude by saying,

Have a balanced diet, stay fit and prevent cancer”

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