Does Puppy Biting Signal Problems with Future Aggression?


From playing to investigating objects, all normal activities involve puppies using their mouth and sharp teeth. It’s also normal for puppies to bite, chew and mouth on people’s hands, limbs, ankles and clothing when playing with people. When your puppy is small, these kinds of behaviours seem cute and endearing, but they could lead to bigger problems when your pup gets bigger and matures. Choosing the best puppy training in Vancouver helps your puppy to learn to curb his mouthy behaviour.

How to Stop Puppy Biting?

The ultimate goal of puppy training in Vancouver is to stop your puppy from mouthing, biting and nipping people altogether. A professional dog trainer will teach your dog that people have sensitive skin, and he must be gentle when he uses his mouth.

According to a dog behaviourist in Vancouver, a dog that has learnt to use his mouth gently when interacting with people is less likely to bite hard. Usually, puppies learn to stop biting when playing with other pups. When playing with their playmates, puppies learn about painful bites and learn to control the intensity of their bites to ensure no one gets hurt and continue their playtime. Similarly, by reacting to hard bites when they start mouthing or biting you, puppies learn to control the intensity of biting or stop it altogether.

Other Tips to Stop Puppy Biting

•When the puppy tries to gnaw on your fingers and toes, substitute with a toy to let them know that their teeth don’t belong on human skin.

•Often puppies tend to mouth on people’s hands when they are stroked or patted. So, the next time if your pup tries to bite or nip you when you pet him, distract him. In this way, he will get used to being touched without mouthing.

•Give your pup plenty of interesting, new toys to play with so they will get distracted instead of gnawing on you or your clothing.

•Encourage him to play with other puppies because socializing is crucial for your puppy’s development.

•Enrolling your puppy in training by a dog aggression prevention trainer in Vancouver will not only help prevent your dog from biting and nipping but also help him learn important new skills.

Puppy biting and mouthing issues can at times be challenging. Get in touch with the right professionals to help prevent your puppy from biting and nipping.

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