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Tuesday, Ruiola, answered Bellick: “Not a lot of people beat them, so I don’t care what he said, I didn’t put the thing, I just went to the game.” Heaven, Ryiola was punished by the alliance, he said: “I don’t know what to regret, I will never regret life. Of course I have not tried to hurt who.”

Falcon 4-point Swan Mat-Ren: I can get more victories this season.

Atlantan Fematch is likely to fight in the seventeenth week. However, now they only win 4 victories and it is likely to get the first five-step selection right in the draft.

In other words, wholesale jerseys he will become a good supplement to Jimmy Graham, replacing the latter when the shock attack is attacked. But at the same time, he will also become a suitable pass target in the Red Area.

Sapphire boss: Will not trader Patrick Pitters

October 19th, on Sunday, after Sunday, there was a rumor to try the Rache of Patrick Peterson, and a reporter asked the Red Champian main coach Steve Wilk. STEVE WILKS news is true, Wilkes said this news “ridiculous to extreme”.

In Sammy Watkins, Wholesale Nfl Jerseys Sammy Watkins is still in the injury reserve list, Bill hopes that Harvin can bring flash performance for the team’s long attack. If Brandon Tate, Brandon Tate is unable to appear in the lower game, Harva may have a special group task.

“I think we have a group of outstanding core players, I can build a team around them, I think we have been very competitive; we have not found a way to end this year, this is where we are definitely improved in the future,” Ryan said .

Taking into account the current poor record of the Rush, the transaction rumors are also rational. The offensive coordinator Mike Mike McCoy has already aroused the people and dismissed the voice. The head coach Wilkes said that if the team’s record is unable to increase, everyone has the risk of being lost.

Romo said: “I have been better than the past three weeks, I am very excited. I am now hoping that the training camp can start, I have prepared for this break. I will participate. Those who voluntarily participated in. I feel that I am getting more and more young. You will see a new Dallas Cowboy next season. “

“As far as I know, I think I will play all my best,” said Harva in Wednesday. “I don’t know how to attack a few gears. I have indeed participated in the complete training today. Get more training opportunities, many and starting lineups together opportunities. Just continue to do what is doing and continue to make me ready to prepare, so when the game When I arrive, I will make the coach decided. “

Bill taken Harvin looks forward to playing the next game

Percy Harvin is just a 21st armed attack in the first show of the season two weeks ago. After the hollow week, Harvin believes that he has played in the next game against Cincinnati.

In the third week of the Bear’s Bear, the bear four points, Nick Foles, and easily hit the championship after the death of the victory, while the Falcon offensive group suddenly became abnormal, even the first attack Can’t get it.

In the end, in the sixteenth week of the game of the Dragonas City chief, the new show angle A.j. Trell (Terrell) was close to the CD at about 2 minutes left, but failed to catch the earth. The chief quadruption Patrick – Patrick Mahomes completed the pass to help the team in the next offense. Subsequent Falcon Kicks Person (YOUNGHOE KOO) 39 码 门 门 飞

Luo Mo, 35, said: “There is no doubt that I will continue to play, I will fight again.” Earlier this year, Romo said he would at least 4 years in the alliance at least four years. It is worth mentioning that in the 4th team of the League Championships this week, the four-point guards of the three teams are greater than 36 years old. After 12 games absent, Romo believes that he has the ability to come again in the new season.

Romo: The career will continue for a long time

Dallas Cowboy 4-point Donney Romo is continuously injured this season, and the team’s record is still uncharged. There is a message to show that the cowboy may choose the four-point guard in the election of the draft, which is replaces Rolomo. The latter said in an interview that your career will continue to extend.

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