Does Your Smartphone Take Blurred Pictures? Here’s Why

Imagine you’re all dressed up to go somewhere and click some pictures in a rush, only to realize later that they were blurred. Not only you missed showing off new clothes, but some other good moments as well.

It is annoying to figure out that you don’t have a single picture to post on your social media and curse your smartphone for the same. But, do you know why your smartphone is taking such blurry pictures. Here’s a list of all the reasons. Go through all the tips to manage taking good pictures the next time.

Low Light Pictures

Taking good pictures requires a lot of light if your smartphone doesn’t support low light photography. Thus, whenever you take a picture in little or no light, it compromises with a lot of things, including an increase in ISO and slower Shutter Speed. Therefore, an image can come out to be grainy or blurry.

Movement of Your Hand

Slower shutter speed means that the camera will take a little longer than the usual time to click a picture. Thus, it will also record any hand movements even if it’s a little trembling. This is the most common reason for ending up with a blurry image. However, it can be avoided if you capture an image in a good light as it’ll increase the shutter speed.

Movement of the Subject

If you’re very careful about taking pictures or using a tripod to avoid blurry captures, it can still come out blurry if the subject or anything else moves even a bit. For instance, if you’re trying to capture a bicycle rider, the image will likely shakeup.

Smudge on the Lens

Sometimes, no matter how perfectly you take a picture, the problem can be with the dirty lens. If there’s any sort of dirt, sweat, oil, or anything that has covered the camera, the picture will come out differently.

Thus, make sure to clean the lens of your smartphone before taking a picture.

Your Camera Missed Focus

Well, this is the least expected case, but the pictures can get blurry because of the missing focus. For instance, if you focus on a very close object, and then take a picture without giving the lens a chance to refocus, your smartphone will take a blurry picture.

Saving a Picture From the Social Media

Social media like Instagram degrades the quality of the images you upload to save the uploading time or save data. Thus, using a raw picture instead of downloading it from social media is a better option.

These were the tips to keep in mind while taking a picture so that you don’t end up regretting later. Capturing good moments takes a lot of effort, but they’re still worth it!

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Source: Does Your Smartphone Take Blurred Pictures? Here’s Why

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