Dog Food Nation – The Hard Truths About Dog Food

We are rapidly becoming a nation of fast food dog food. Because it’s convenient and easy, most people prefer to get their dog food from the local supermarket each week. There are some manufacturers who feel that they can cut corners on your dog’s health by selling their products at the supermarket and grocer. You will not be able to afford to have a sick pet.

Proper nutrition and proper feeding are essential to the health of your dog. You can directly influence your dog’s happiness, health, longevity, and overall well-being. Your dog will be more happy and healthy if you give him the best food possible. Dogs that are fed inferior food will get sick. Your dog will lose his playful side and become lethargic.

These are the 4 facts you must know before you purchase your next bag of dog food.

Dog Food Truth #1: It’s on the Labels

Look for dog food that is balanced and nutritious when choosing dog food. The label will tell you if the food meets your needs. Do your research before you read the label. Remember that many labels list the first ingredient as the whole meal. This is a good idea, but it means that your meat contains a lot of water and is less nutritious.

Also, you will see labels that say chicken or chicken meal. The chicken meal is better because it has been baked to eliminate bacteria and toxic substances. You aren’t getting good nutrition because the chicken meal is only 60% water.

Dog Food Truth #2: ‘Bargain’ Dog Food Is Not Worth It

Spending a little more money on dog food will result in a better product. Isn’t that worth the investment for your dog? It is worth knowing that you are giving your dog the best food possible for his health. Your dog will be happy and look amazing. This is what every dog owner desires. You can also read review for more information.

It is important to be aware of the ingredients in dog food. It is important to read labels. To ensure your dog gets the best nutrition, make sure you only look at the first protein on the label. Do not eat labels with multiple by-products. This is not the kind of nutrition you want for your dog.

Dog Food Tip #3: Chicken Little Or More?

Although chicken is a good ingredient for dogs, don’t let that fool you. Commercial chicken manufacturers will label chicken as chicken meal or chicken. What are the differences between the two? Because it is baked, the chicken meal is better. You aren’t getting the most nutritious meat if you don’t get 60% of the chicken ingredient.

The moisture content in dog food is next. Because they have more protein and less water, the moist varieties are better.

Dog Food Truth #4: Premium Dog Food with Taurine

The best food for dogs is premium dog or veterinarian recommended food. These foods are more expensive because they have a high value, but the benefits will be worth it in the long-term for both your dog’s health and your wallet. Premium dog food does not contain fillers or inferior ingredients. They are sound and nutritious. They are free of preservatives and colors, so your dog can eat only the best.

Taurine is a great ingredient in some. Taurine is an amino acid that benefits the dog’s heart and kidneys. It is responsible for transporting essential ingredients between cells. Taurine should be included in the dog’s food. Some will not. Do not forget this when choosing your dog food.

Don’t forget to consider your dog’s age, size, activity level, and overall health. This will ensure that you take the best care of your dog. Do not choose cheaper brands. These are less likely to be of benefit to your dog’s health and well-being. Talk to your veterinarian about your dog’s diet and help Fido get started on a healthy, balanced diet that is tailored to his individual needs.

Every dog is different. Your dog will have his own needs. All of these things are important to consider and you’ll be proud to own a dog.

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