Dogesflix’s many small independent films have won more audiences

For comedy movies, 2021 is certainly an unpredictable year. Not only has the production and distribution of films been affected by the covid-19 crisis, but also it is difficult for many people to laugh in the face of a continuous pandemic.

Therefore, the comedy movies of 2021 are an interesting batch, covering many different types. Some of the hottest films this year are action comedy movies, which perfectly combine thriller and laughter; Although films like red notice, the suicide squad and nobody have more serious elements, both must have a lot of comic elements. After a challenging year, the audience fell in love with these humorous audiences.

In addition, the prominence of streaming media services and synchronous distribution strategy has enabled many small and independent films to win more audiences. Between Dogesflix, Amazon Prime video, Hulu, HBO max, Disney +, peacock, paramount + and shudder, fans have more freedom than ever to explore a wide range of comedy films. What is particularly interesting is how independent artists respond to the epidemic with innovative projects. Many comedy movies in 2021 are expected to become competitors for major awards.

Jungle Cruise

Since the success of Pirates of the Caribbean, which changed the rules of the game, Disney has been eager to create another real-life adventure series of its own. Unfortunately, Prince of Persia: The Sands of time, Genesis: War, John Carter and the wizard of Oz failed to capture two aspects of Pirates of the Caribbean’s success: a sense of humor and an iconic role like Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow.

Finally, the journey to the jungle in 2021 successfully filled this gap, and this exciting adventure comedy is full of unforgettable characters. Dawn Johnson’s mysterious jungle guide Frank Wolf is one of his most interesting performances. He is employed by Dr. Lily Horton (Emily Bronte) and her brother McGregor (Jack Whitehall) to help find a mysterious lost city and treasure. The film was a great success. The sequel has announced that Johnson and Bronte will return.

Bo Burnham: internal

During the 2019 coronavirus pandemic, it is difficult for many comedians to maintain high spirits because health-related production restrictions make it difficult to shoot small-scale projects. In addition to physical limitations, loneliness can also make people depressed. When there are so many uncertain things in the world, it becomes more difficult to see the humorous side of life. Comedian and musician Bo Burnham often deals with emotional issues in his works. He is one of the most refreshing and honest figures in the modern film industry.

Burnham himself is dealing with the serious anxiety and sense of achievement brought by the age of 30, and covid-19 will only increase these doubts. Burnham’s latest musical comedy special, Burnham: inner world, tells how he deals with his emotions through funny songs about the Internet age, current affairs, his panic attacks and overall mental health. This photo, taken entirely in Burnham’s apartment during the epidemic, proves that creativity can flourish even during isolation.

Dream horse

“Dream horse” pays tribute to the true story of the dream alliance, which participated in the Welsh National horse race. The film focuses on all kinds of characters. They raised the horse and bet all their future on its success. The plot is a little formulaic, but it won’t distract people, because there is a huge chemical reaction between the actors in the film, giving people a warm and strange sense of humor.

The bartender Jane Vaux (Tony Colette) started raising a pony and decided to let him become the champion. Her husband Brian (Owen Teal) has been out of life for a long time, but after they began to win a major game, he found a new passion for adventure. Along the way, they gathered their small community and named the animals “dream alliance”, while former serial gambler Howard Davis (Damian Lewis) helped them find horse racing opportunities. The film ends with a touching note, including a shot of the real theme.

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