Dolce Coffee Series Launches in Northeast


Gong cha is a premier global brand offering premium tea and coffee. A visit to a Gong cha shop means that you can enjoy over 600 possible combinations of drinks. Your drink can be customized based on various factors including milk type, variety of tea, sugar level, ice level, ingredients, flavor, and toppings among others. The brand is always expanding its number of stores and the size of its menu. In the latest announcement, the company has launched a new series of coffee drinks called the Dolce Coffee Series. The new coffee series is available throughout its Northeast stores in America.

Gong cha’s New Dolce Coffee Series

Gong cha already offers many drink options under its Coffee Series. As mentioned above, the brand is always expanding its menu. Every few months, new flavors and ingredients are added to its premium tea menu. In its latest announcement, the company has declared the launch of new additions to its Coffee Series.

The announcement was made by Gong cha’s Northeast America spokesperson. She said, “We take pride in making this announcement that we are launching a new Dolce Coffee Series for our customers in the Northeast. This new series includes three different variations including Dolce Milk Coffee with Pearl, Dolce Coffee Smoothie, and Crème Brulee Dolce Coffee. We have been expanding our menu in the tea series for some time. It was high time that we thought that our Coffee Series also needed an update.”

The features of the three drinks in the Dolce Coffee Series are as follows:

  • Dolce Milk Coffee with Pearl: Sweet milky coffee with the Gong cha signature black pearl
  • Dolce Coffee Smoothie: Iced slush sweet milky coffee blended with Gong cha signature milk foam
  • Crème Brulee Dolce Coffee: Sweet milky coffee with the popular creme brulee milk foam

Besides, Gong cha will be offering a “Free Upsize” offer on the order of the new Dolce Coffee Series, running October 1 through October 3. Anyone ordering a ‘medium’ cup size will get their cup upgraded to ‘large’ for no extra charge.

About Gong cha

Gong cha is an international beverage brand specializing in the areas of premium tea and coffee. It stands out for its bubble tea or boba offering enriched with dozens of flavors and toppings, creating over 600 possible combinations of drinks.

The brand, founded in 2006 in Taiwan, has grown to become an 1800-store brand with a global presence. It continues to expand at a fast pace across the globe and has lined up many new store locations in the Northeast and other regions of America. Along with its new store launches, Gong cha continues to expand its menu as well. This includes both periodic new additions in terms of flavors and ingredients and seasonal offerings, such as the recently launched Halloween special edition “Vampite Bite” bubble tea.

With the launch of the new Dolce Coffee Series, Gong cha will be enriching and enhancing the Coffee section of its menu. For more information about the brand’s latest product launches and nearest location, feel free to contact us at or fill out this Online Form.

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