Dolphin – Ideal Solution for Your Pool Cleaning Needs


Dolphin, a leading robotic pool cleaner manufacturer, offers a range of automatic clean cleaners that are highly efficient, making pool cleaning hassle-free for more than three decades. This reputation is built on a legacy of innovative and intelligent pool cleaning technologies that offer pool owners convenience and peace of mind worldwide.

Why Choose Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Energy-saving dolphin pro pool cleaner do a great job of cleaning any time of year. Thanks to their innovative and smart features like intelligent navigation and active brush technologies. Dolphin pool cleaner owners often tend to rave about the results they’ve got, citing unmatched floor-to-surface cleaning features. With dolphin’s range of pool cleaners, the swimming pool becomes more inviting, and the homeowner’s poolside or backyard experience is improved significantly.

Excellent Features

While the features of Dolphin pool cleaner vary from one model to another, the following highlights the key features of robotic pool cleaners:-

• Easy-to-use cleaners

• Optimal cleaning performance in all size pools

• Waterline scrubbing and basic automation

• Covers the entire pool, including walls, floor, and waterline

• Timer planning programs

• Tangle-free cable that’s easy to use, store, and simple

• Programmable weekly timer

• Cleaning cycle sector

Most advanced models have a range of features, including:-

• Multi-layer filtration system with integrated ultra-fine filters that helps to remove rough stain, dirt, and debris

• LED lights for visual effects

• Higher suction rate

• Caddy for easy storage and handling

• Comes to the surface for easy pick up and much more

• Smart cleaning; the robot can scan the pool, covering every inch of the pool, leaving no tile un-scrubbed or uncleaned

Easy to Use

All makes and models of Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are designed for effortless, simple operation, effortless handling and emptying, and hassle-free maintenance. Simplicity is built-in to every model of dolphin. Even the basic models are easier to install, clean, and maintain. With easy filter emptying and cleaning, they can do the work so you don’t have to. With a wide range of automatic features and operations, cleaning your pool is hassle-free. All you need to do is set the manual and forget, you are rest assured with a clean and pristine swimming pool.


Dolphin robots are completely automatic. You can sit back and relax while the robots can clean your pool.


Ergonomic design, lightweight, and fast-water release make it easier to put and remove the cleaner from the pool.

Whether you’re looking for dolphin plus cordless robotic pool cleaner or dolphin nautilus cc plus robotic pool cleaner, we’ve got you covered. Please give us a call. We can help you choose the right dolphin robotic pool cleaner according to your needs.

With over 15 years of collective experience within the pool industry, the author provides premium pool supplies at warehouse prices to maintain and have a clean and healthy swimming pool. Visit for more details about dolphin pro pool cleaner.

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