You must know that every car or vehicle for that matter in California has to be registered with California DMV. The department is not only empowered to authenticate the car ownership, but it also maintains the record of vehicle buying, selling and much more. Sometimes there are motor vehicle owners who visit DMV office to add names to their titles and sometimes for removal too. Some take up the auto registration services when they purchase new car or used car. Car owners visit DMV office for transferring the ownership of their cars to their family members. Some others are forced by law to make the changes as the part of the divorce process.

Often people are required to avail the DMV services for changing their names on titles or for updating the address changes. Among numerous reasons some generous people need to bring up the title transfer services of DMV for donating their cars to charitable organization working for some or other noble cause. For this rewarding act of theirs car owners have to fulfill the DMV requirements to ensure the successful donation.


There are many steps you should take before donating your car. First of all find out the charity you would like to donate your car to. Finalize three organizations and check with all of them for their acceptance of car donations. If there are more than 1 option open to car donation, then donate to the organization you like the most. And if you are left with only one option then your task of selecting among them becomes more than easier.

It is important to assess the right market value for your car so that you can file for tax exemptions. While you do this all, a trip to DMV office is hard to avoid. Following all these steps will be left incomplete if you forget to cancel your car insurance.


You should start with the title transfer of your vehicle from your name to the organization’s name or on the authentic person’s name. Title of your car will be transferred to them as part of the gift. When you visit department office for transferring the title you should carry the title and the duly filled application form of title transfer which you will sign over. In some states, you need to take odometer reading too.

Your local DMV may require seeing you and the representative of the organization receiving car donation in person to complete the process. Many states ask the car donors to cancel the registration of the donated cars.

Visit the official website for making it clear or take the online assistance of the independent companies.

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