Donation: The Best Way of Responsible LCD LED TV Disposal Toronto

We all know that electronic waste is one of the fastest growing concern over the past few years. Latest electronic appliances and gadgets contain a lot of harmful chemicals and metals that release toxic fumes into the air when allowed to lie in the landfills for long. These fumes are extremely important not only for the soil, birds, insects, and animals, but for humans also living nearby. When people breathe air with these toxic fumes, they develop a wide range of diseases that they never know where they got it from.

If you have an old electronic system in your home, then instead of throwing it in the bin, consider about donating it to someone who may use it for some more time. If it is in working condition, then the person will be happy to receive it. But even if it is not working, then getting it repaired and using it will be cheaper for the person than buying a new system. So, electronics donation is one of the most responsible ways of LCD LED TV disposal Toronto. It not only helps in conserving our natural materials and resources, but also helps someone who is in need.

Reasons for Donating Electronics

Electronic products are made up of valuable materials and resources, including plastics, metals, glass, gold and diamonds. All of these materials require huge amounts of energy for production, manufacturing and mining. When you donate an electronic product to someone, you conserve these natural sources and avoid water and air pollution caused by their production. Manufacturing of these materials also emit greenhouse gases, which are saved from entering the environment by recyclingand donating.

For instance, one million cell phones can be used to recycle 35,000 pounds copper, 75 pounds gold, 772 pounds silver, and 33 pounds palladium. These materials can be recycled and reused to produce more cell phones or other electronic goods. The best thing about donating electronics is that it saves production of new electronics, that would eventually end up in landfills after a few years, thereby increasing the load on earth. Donating helps in using an electronic product until it reaches the end of its life, which means that it is used to its full potential, and even after that, it is recycled to make more new products.However, remove any batteries from it, as leadbattery recycling Toronto needs to be done separately.

What to do Before Donating an Electronic Product

If you are getting rid of a computer just because it has gone out of date, then consider upgrading its software or hardware instead of buying a new one. This will not only save your money, but will also protect the environment. Still, if you are determined to get rid of an old electronic, make sure that you delete all your personal information from it and get responsible Toronto computer recycling done.

COM2 Recycling Solutions is one such company that takes the responsibility of Toronto computer recycling and electronic recycling in an eco-friendly manner. Try to donate your old electronics, but if that’s not possible, take it to a recycling center and save our natural resources.

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