Have you ever wondered what a criminal record check is all about?

In general, checking criminal records is important for determining the individual’s criminal record. For criminal record search, name, age, and date of birth of the individual are used. If you want more precise verification, fingerprints are used for proof. Want to know more about criminal record check? You can continue reading the types of criminal record check!


There are four types of criminal records checks:

Criminal record verification based on fingerprint – This criminal record check is based on a fingerprint and is managed by police for high authentication purposes. A certified criminal record product is created as the result of fingerprint verification.

Vulnerable Sector Verification based on fingerprint – This verification is based on fingerprint and therefore used to set up the presence of a sexual offense conviction for which the person has received a pardon as per the Criminal Records Act. The consequences of this verification will create a Certified Vulnerable Sector Product upon consent for exposure from the Minister of Public Safety.

Verification of criminal record based on names of individuals – An inquiry dependent on name and date of birth is demonstrating whether a criminal record could exist. Name-based criminal record verification is used as a primary inquiry that possibly decides whether a Fingerprint-based Criminal Record Verification is required or not.

Vulnerable Sector Verification based on the name – this verification is based on name and date of birth and therefore used to set up the presence of a sexual offense conviction for which the person has received a pardon as per the Criminal Records Act. This verification is a primary search that is checked to decide whether a Fingerprint-based Vulnerable Sector Verification is required.

How much time is required for the process of criminal record checks?

There are two cases in which the process of criminal record check comes to light:

• the type of criminal record search and

• the verification result

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