Don’t Complicate Math For Kids And Scare Them

Did you dread mathematics as your subject during school days? Was Math the least favorite during college major? Well! The reason is the subject itself. But, the basics and teaching approach of mathematics teachers will play a pivotal role in making a subject an interesting one. Not just you but several other kids have similar experiences with numbers. This reason is not teaching math in everyday life and restricting it to school learning.

Math is magic!
Numbers are tricky and scary for some kids. Math is possibly the most complex subject for many kids. Hence, don’t complicate math for kids and scare them– Rather, help them with the basics. Arithmetic is all about the magic of numbers. Yes! Always introduce your child to math as magic, not as a horror series. Remember that if the basics are clear, solving any complex problem will make it easier.

Start by introducing math to your kids using numbers in everyday life. From shopping to the billing process, the weighting of their favorite fruit to distance from home to school – all are numbers. Make them understand that they don’t have to dread numbers if they turn math into logical reasoning.

Learn Math the easy way:
To combat the fear of numbers are here the simple tricks and tips to try:

Practice – practice – practice: The best feature of math is that the more you practice, the easier it seems. Math is scoring, and therefore, the possibility of going wrong is less if you keep practicing. Start by working on basic additions, subtraction, percentage, and multiplication problems. Use the paper and pen method to work out, let your brain do the calculation, and not depend on gadgets.

Understand the concepts: Math is all about logical reasoning and problem-solving methods. When you understand the concept of mathematics, it makes everything seem easier. Do not memorize the problems. Rather understand the approach to solving them. Remember that most of the answers and clues to the solution are hiding within the question itself – you just need an eye to spot them.

Concentration and help: Poor concentration shall lead nowhere. Take the help of elders and friends to solve any math equation. Try to concentrate and do not lose focus when working with numbers. Times tables are a great way to solve multiplication and division problems. Seek the help of friends who are smarter in math, and do not hesitate to take additional assistance from your teachers.

Math anxiety is a common dilemma in kids. However, it can be solved when children learn basic math skills early in life. Hence, early math skills are significant. When your kids are young, start teaching them numbers. Children dread math when they fail to master early mathematics skills.

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