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No sneaker is more recognizable than the Jordan. The brand generates $3 million every five hours, which is significantly more than Nike first expected. There’s no apparent reason why men’s Jordan shoes have become so popular; maybe it’s their association with the basketball legend, or perhaps it’s about rarity and exclusivity. But one thing’s for sure: Jordans will suit any style and season.

How to style Jordan shoes for men

  • Choose your height

Most Jordans come in three different heights: low, mid, and high. The Air Jordan 1, for instance, is popular for being a high-top shoe, but more and more people are starting to see the appeal of mid-tops.

Overall, the choice is up to you. High-tops are undoubtedly the classic option; however, low and mid-tops are excellent alternatives if you want comfort and flexibility.

  • Find your favorite colorway.

Besides their silhouettes, what makes Jordan shoes special are their iconic colorways. It isn’t a surprise that many people collect Jordans in particular colorways. You can do this, but don’t hesitate to try something new, either.

  • Don’t be afraid to accessorize

What’s awesome about Jordans is that they stand outeven when you’re just wearing a t-shirt and denim jeans. You don’t really need anything else. That said, accessories can elevate your entire outfit, and you can start with something simple like custom laces.

Jordan shoes come with laces out of the box, but you can switch them up with different colors and experiment with different tying techniques, such as the lattice method and the straight-lace method.

  • Purchase the right size

Don’t want your sneakers to crease? Unfortunately, creasing is inevitable, and the only thing you can do is delay it. One simple solution is to find the right size thatgives your feet enough space to breathe.

Note that different shoes will have various sizing features. The Jordan 1s, for example, are a little narrow, so those with wide feet should go up half a size.

Finally, don’t forget to purchase your sneakers from a trusted retailer! Your Jordan shoes for men should come from a reputable company with experience selling footwear and athletic products.

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