Don’t Regret Your New Haircut – Consider These Things First


Your hair can be your best friend or your worst enemy! It can help build your confidence or make you feel embarrassed. Thankfully, choosing the right hair style doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does require some research and planning beforehand to avoid regrets later. Here are some things you need to consider before getting a new haircut

Seek Out Advice from a Hairdresser Hills District

It’s one thing to browse through hundreds of Pinterest photos and it’s another thing entirely to get professional advice from the best hairdresser Hills District. Be sure to seek out advice from experts when considering something as important as your hair. You’ll want someone who will take into account what kind of face shape you have, how many days a week you are willing to style it, and how much time you’re willing to spend on it.

Consider Maintenance Costs

Before you take a big shear to that mane, it’s important to think about what comes after. All haircuts have upkeep costs. This includes shampooing and conditioning, but also potential issues like hair breakage or split ends. If you’re going for an extreme cut or style, make sure you know how much time and money will be required for maintenance before making any decisions.

Realise They’ll Grow Out Eventually

There’s nothing worse than chopping off all your hair and then having to wear it up for months on end whilst it grows out. Consider growing them a little longer before you have a drastic cut, that way you won’t have to put up with awkward stage when they’re in-between cuts. Just make sure you don’t grow them too long so that it makes washing, drying and styling them impossible. Try not to worry about making any mistakes, everyone does!

Try On Different Styles In Advance

It can be hard to visualise how a certain hair style will look on you, so it helps to actually try on different styles before committing. If you can’t swing that, at least grab a picture of what you like and lay it out on your bathroom counter or bring it with you when visiting the hair salons Hills District.

Choose Your Hairstylist Wisely

One of your biggest investments when it comes to image is also one of your most visible: what you do with your hair. While anyone can learn how to cut hair, not everyone knows how to make you look great. Choose a hairstylist who has a good relationship with his or her clients and shows up on time, every time. Find someone who takes care of herself; if she looks unkempt or seems jaded, keep looking until you find someone else.

See If It Works With Your Lifestyle

Having a hairstyle that works with your lifestyle is important. If you work out every day, there’s no point in having an expensive cut if it isn’t going to last until your next trip to the gym. Talk to someone who can help you decide what hair style would work best for you.

The author is a hairdresser Hills District and founder of the best hair salon. He is specialised in modern and classic haircuts, blowdrys, and the latest colour collections. Visit for more details.

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