Don’t Reinvent the Wheel – Engaging Activities and Downloadable Teacher Lesson Plans

There’s no doubt that effective lesson planning helps students learn successfully in a variety of ways. The objectives and goals of an instructional module are easier for teachers and students to understand when the lesson plan is well-designed. Planning lessons ahead of time is a task all teachers must undertake; however, this is usually done outside of working hours as teachers juggle being present with their students, attending meetings, grading, data collection, and the list goes on. Time is a precious commodity for teachers, and many educators find it difficult to keep up with the demanding pressures of the job.

Sometimes we should create our own teacher lesson plans that are specific learners’ needs, but it’s unrealistic to reinvent the wheel every time we need to teach new content to our students. Here are some tips for finding engaging activities and a great lesson plan for teachers to give time back to yourself and help your students reach their goals:-

Save Your Old Unit Plans

Don’t throw away those old lesson plan just yet! If you’re teaching the same year level in the future, you can always tweak them if needed and use them again. There’s no need to start from scratch, it’s about working smarter not harder. If you already put in the work to create a meaningful lesson, keep it in your desk and make a note if it was successful or what you would do to improve it next time.

Purchase Resources Online

There are so many lessons that have already been created by teachers on the internet. You can save heaps of time by purchasing teacher lesson plans and activities from websites like Resources for Teaching. They have a useful collection of downloadable materials that will save you time creating worksheets, assessments and activities that underpin learning objectives and curriculum outcomes.

Collaborate With Your Team

When teachers work together, they become a powerful force. Having an awesome team can be helpful for co-planning lessons and units. That’s right, it’s all about splitting and conquering to save time planning each week. In addition, more experienced teachers can share their tips and tricks to help beginning teachers who are building upon their practices.

Fortunately, there are many websites offering downloadable materials to use in the classroom, but with so many options, it can be tricky to decide which one to use. If you’re searching for a lesson plan template for the Australian Curriculum or engaging activities to use in the classroom, the Resources for Teaching website has everything you need! They have a wide collection of teacher lesson plans, worksheets, lectures, posters, task cards and more that can be instantly downloaded from your device and accessed from anywhere. A teacher’s time is valuable, which is why using the tips mentioned above is essential for planning more effectively. For more visit

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