If you are new in California you need to avail the vehicle registration services at the local DMV office. The laws in California require registering the out-of-state vehicles which means you cannot drive legally if you don’t have the papers in place. There are many other reasons you have as a driver to visit the DMV office such as driver license renewal, car registration renewal, getting the replacement for lost or stolen car title and many others. The whole process to be followed in order to obtain the license plates or registration card is quite confusing and time consuming for the drivers. It is because of the fact that there is a long list of documents to be submitted, and there are tests required to be conducted like emissions test, test for the weight of vehicle and such.vehicle registration renewal

You may have heard a lot of advices from fellow drivers to reduce the waiting time for your turn at DMV. You can reach there after taking an appointment with DMV personnel.  You will be glad to know that there are ways to reduce or even eliminate the waiting time without taking appointment. DMV is so infamous about its long waiting line. Drivers sometimes spend major portion of their day in waiting. There are tricks you can use to cut down the waiting time.dmv registration renewal


If you are an experienced driver, you must know that even after taking prior appointment at DMV office, there can be more waiting. So how can you considerably reduce your waiting time is mentioned in the tricks and tips given below.

  1. SKIP THE LINES BY TAKING UP ONLINE DMV SERVICES.First things first. Avoid going to DMV office unless it is the only option you have. Online services are fast, convenient and affordable for every driver. For changes in address in your license or applying for lost title you can avail the online services provided you are eligible for the same.
  1. KEEP TRACK OF THE WAITING TIMES. The official website of DMV gives you a fair idea of expected waiting time at the local office you want to visit. You can plan your visit when the waiting time is the least.
  1. CHECK THE DAY AND DATE. Before you reach their office, check the day and date of the month. Like you should not visit just after lunch at DMV, there are certain Dos and Don’ts for date and day too. The last days of every month can be the busiest and so is with the first and last day of the week. This means it is better if you visit DMV on either Wednesday or Thursday.

Being prepared is the least you can do like getting the required documents and cash to pay the fee.

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