Don’t Touch the Wrong Kind of Pizza Again! Tips to Spot a Good Pizza


Pizza is the all-time favourite food for most people around the world. The round, thin or thick layer of bread, topped with tomato sauce, cheese, and some herb or meat, is most people’s go-to meal for any occasion. The aroma of a perfectly cooked cheesy pizza surely sets your mouth watering and rumbling so quickly. But what makes pizza so popular? Well, we’ve listed a few things that make a good pizza in Vancouver.

Pizza Types

When it comes to pizza in Vancouver, everyone has their own personal preferences. The wood-fired pizza varieties are known to create a subtly smoky, beautifully crispy, and perfectly cooked finish that you couldn’t find anywhere else.

The Flour

Most of the pizzas offered at the Italian restaurants are made using Italian COD-approved flour, which offers the perfect chew and gives out a perfect flavour that you can expect from an authentic Italian pizza.

Thick or Thin Crust

Some people like a foldable, blistered thin-crust, whereas others choose thick crust with crispy edges and a chewy interior. When the dough is hand-mixed and allowed to slow-raise for 48 hours, it maximizes the flavour of the pizza. Moreover, you’ll get a delicious pillowy crust.


One of the best features of pizza is only the fresh ingredients are used, and they are used in a ratio to balance each other. When making a pizza, having the right ratio of cheese and tomato sauce is crucial. Adding more tomatoes or cheese may overpower and affects the unique taste and flavour of pizza. When the tomato sauce, cheese, and toppings are in the right ratio, the overall flavour is top-notch and gives you a unique dining experience.

Colourful Toppings

Choosing pizzas with vibrant colours is extremely important because it means that only fresh ingredients are used, and the pizza is cooked well. One of the great ways to spot a good pizza is the colour of the tomatoes must be a vibrant red. Old tomatoes look a bit dark and give off too much acidity and saltiness. It affects the overall flavour and may throw some taste buds off.

Also, grainy, crunchy, and rubbery cheese on your pizza will affect your whole meal experience, and it’s definitely a big no-no. Basil should remain moist and vibrant green, and every other ingredient should follow.

Olive Oil

Olive oil used in Italian cooking has amazing notes of fresh nuts and greens with a slight spiciness, and brings everything together. If the pizza is too greasy or has less meat, adding olive oil helps balance all the flavours and gives a nice texture.

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