Diane Guerrero from the hit TV series Doom Patrol has shown interest in playing Jessica Cruz’s Green Lantern. DC comics have yet to give Green Lantern a live-action update as most of its major superheroes have already received their respective movies. Green Lantern made a debut in 2014 and has appeared in several animated movies.

Diane plays Jane in the TV series Doom Patrol along with April Bowlby as Rita Farr, Joivan Wade as Vic Stone, and Matt Bommer as Larry Trainor among a handful of others. Many of these characters have evolved from the DC series Titans and while the show premiered on February 15, 2019, the series has quickly gained popularity for its first season, the announcement that the second season will be featured on both DC Universe and HBO Max has fans excited for its release.

Following tragic events that lead to a bunch of individuals getting superpowers, they become superheroes through the guidance of the Chief who is a medical doctor that shelters them into his mansion. He names the team Doom Patrol after a similar team that was created by the Chief. After a series of situations, the Chief is kidnapped by Mr. Nobody and thus the Doom Patrol is tasked to rescue him.

The first-ever Green Lantern movie was released in 2011 and since then, the character has been sidelined many times. The boom of the superhero movies through the immense success of DC movies like The Black Knight and the recently released Wonder Woman has sparked some curiosity for a dedicated movie for Green Lantern. Green Lantern is a part of the Green Lantern Corps. Which were featured in the Justice League when Wonder Woman dives into the history of Steppenwolf. While the final cut didn’t show the Green Lantern Corps. into the spotlight, Zack Snyder has promised a proper showcase of the group in his exclusive Snyder Cut.

There have been rumors that Green Lantern is getting a movie and with regards to Emerald Knight’s solo venture into the Green Lantern Corps, HBO is keeping the project under the wraps for now as there hasn’t been an official announcement that would confirm the movie and its current status. It is speculated, however, that the Green Lantern Corps. won’t be making an entry either in the DCEU or the HBO Max series.

Diane was quick on Twitter to be the first in line for the role as her tweet seemed to be extremely excited for her being a part of the character. For now, Diane is pursuing her character in Doom Patrol very well. She has shown some acting-chops and has coincidentally given her voice to Jessica Cruz in the movie Justice League vs. The Fatal Fire. This would make Diane perfect for her role and should be pretty exciting for the fans to get the real version of Green Lantern with its familiar voice.

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