Dos And Don’ts Before Getting Tummy Tuck Surgery

Women go through a wild roller coaster emotions after childbirth followed by happiness and dissatisfaction from the body. Did you know that a majority of women have complained that even one to two years after having a child, their belly does not come in shape?

This does not mean that your belly would never come in shape. If you want to have a fit and healthy body, you should get Botox Cyprus treatment. Not just after childbirth but you can also get tummy tuck surgery if you want to remove some extra weight. Abdominoplasty surgery is also proven to remove scars.

So, if you want to get this plastic surgery treatment, book your appointment with a trusted plastic surgeon. But before you get the treatment, there are a few dos and don’ts of tummy tuck surgery you should know.

Dos: What to do before tummy tuck

  1.  When getting tummy tuck surgery, try to maintain communication with your doctor. Your doctor will help you understand what you should do before the treatment and what you should avoid.
  2.  If you are taking certain kinds of medications, consult with your doctor and stop them if needed.
  3.  Another thing you should remember is sticking to a healthy diet. Start taking food that is high in protein.

Don’ts: What not to do before tummy tuck

  1.  Before getting tummy tuck surgery, you should avoid consuming tobacco in any form. You should stop the consumption at least a month before surgery.
  2.  When getting tummy tuck surgery, try to avoid following any weight loss exercise or diet.

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