Do’s and Don’ts if you are looking forward to making Abs

When making abs are trending, it is quite obvious that it has crossed your mind at least once. But again, without knowing the proper techniques, it becomes difficult and even causes extreme muscle strain. A personal fitness trainer is a person who knows about your health conditions and capabilities. You need to follow the instructions accordingly. If finding a personal fitness trainer is difficult within the area you are staying, then contact an online fitness trainer. Here are some Do’s and Don’t for beginners.


For workout

  • Crunches – Your abdominals respond perfectly to Crunches. As a beginner, you can start with 3 sets of 20 repetitions. For better results do 4 sets of 15 repetitions.
  • Cardiovascular Exercises – This cuts off extra body fats and strengthens your abdominal muscles.
  • Squats and Overhead presses – It has a magical impact on your stomach muscles. This makes the entire body work harder.
  • Other exercises like Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing, VIPR, Zumba, Dancing, and different Weight Training activities work additionally to make perfect flat or toned abs with a great posture.
  • At home – you can practice Sit-ups, jack-knife sit-ups, static holds, side statics, leg lifts, and so on.

Extra tips

  • Eating habits – You need to ask your online fitness trainer, for a diet chart. Exercises work in combination with a healthy eating habit.
  • Routine Exercise – Don’t miss your exercise regime for a clumsy reason. Do visit the training centres like yoga centres or gyms regularly, or practice freehand exercises at home.
  • Healthy lifestyle – Avoid consuming carbonated beverages, preserved foods, packaged items, and added sugars. Instead, keep yourself hydrated with sufficient water. You can opt for green tea.


  • Don’t burden your back – During abs training, make sure that your spine doesn’t strain. Prevent back injury as it can affect your core strength training.
  • Don’t pull your hands back while crunches – Avoid putting hands behind your head to provide optimal support. You may end up with a neck injury.
  • Don’t overdo strenuous exercises every day – Exercising is good for your health. But overdoing something has never left a good impact.
  • Don’t confuse abs training with a flat stomach – These two are completely different and can be achieved separately. So set up your mind at the beginning about what you want.

Besides these tips, you must always remember that eating healthy, quality life, a balanced lifestyle, and body hydration are some of the basics.

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