Dota 2 Auto Chess is one of the fastest growing games in 2019

Dota 2 Auto Chess a custom game of Dota 2 is being hailed one of the fastest growing games of 2019. Recently there were a lot of updates and every update changed the game a little. Just like Dota2, the Dota 2 Auto Chess changes meta with every new update. Start at the first pick, very rich picks. For example, you can meet 3 Shadow Shaman right at the first pick but you only have extremely limited Dota 2 Auto Chess Candy so you cannot identify combos that you will focus on in the first few turns. So recommend that you use the hero to survive a good game to get the turn of streak (you can have lost streak with larger amounts but the amount of HP you pay is huge).

Dota 2 Auto Chess shop offers players a shared pool of pieces to purchase. As stated earlier the pool is limited, so it is important for players to factor in whether there is a piece that they might want to buy for use later in the game. Each hero will have 2 skill points in the bottom. For example, SF has 2 generations, which is Demon and Warlock. In it, the first cell is called Species, and the second is called Class. In the example above SF, Demon is Species, and Warlock is Class.

Latest version Dota 2 Auto Chess has released two more classes of Class God and Mars and Zeus. The Chess God Zeus and Mars have just launched in Dota 2 Auto Chess quickly became the top pick in the squad. Before the launch, the god system had become a constant topic of the Dota community. Because the effect of reducing the skill recovery time is only heard, it is very interesting, so Mars and Zeus are two heroes that are very much expected by gamers. However, in the launch date of the new update, it seems that there are many contrary comments of Dota gamers Auto Chess around the new General Mars.


If you haven’t yet heard of Dota 2 Auto Chess, there’s a good chance you aren’t frequenting the Dota 2 community. However, the game may not be limited to those niche communities for long. With many chiming in that Dota 2 Auto Chess is one of the fastest growing games in 2019, a couple questions remain: what is it, why is it so popular, and is all the hype real? There’s one good thing that you don’t need to learn anything new, if you already know all the Hero-Class Combos then all you need to do is keep track of the updates and change your board according to the updates.

Between each round, players will be shown five random piece options based on their current level. Some of the pieces may be doubled, and if players want to view more purchasing Cheap Dota 2 Auto Chess Candy, they can re-roll for 2 gold. There are many Goblins Mechs appear at the beginning of the game, most $ 1 and $ 2 chess pieces are Goblin and Mechs so it is quite easy to create Goblin combos early Mechs. For example Clock and Tibersaw are extremely easy to combine with Tinker or Bounty Hunter early game. With 15 Regend and 1 random buff for 1 hero 15 armor +15 regen is more than enough for you to clear enemy heroes.

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