Double Halo Cushion Cut Engagement Rings are Ideal Within Budget

The idea of proposing to your partner may be exciting until you realize how expensive and nerve-racking it can be. You want to ensure they will say yes and appreciate the engagement ring you’ll present. You can ease your worries by considering double halo cushion cut engagement rings with moissanite gemstones instead of the usual diamond.


Diamonds have long been the norm in engagement rings, but you need not join the bandwagon, especially if you think they’re unnecessarily expensive. You might even be aware of the impact that mining has on the environment. Moissanite engagement rings allow you to avoid those problems. They possess the durability and beauty of a diamond but at half the cost. They’re also more ethical and environmentally friendly because the stones are lab-grown.


Moissanite engagement rings prove you don’t have to splurge to make a good and memorable impression and make your loved one say yes. They have more brilliance and fire than diamonds, and that extra sparkle you want, especially on double halo cushion cut engagement rings.


Why double halo cushion cut?


Moissanite can be cut in the same way as a diamond. Master jewelers do this by hand to ensure precision and high-quality, flawless results while preserving radiance, optical characteristics, and beauty. The cushion cut combines a square cut with rounded corners, resulting in a pillow- or cushion-like appearance. Also known as the old mine cut, it’s a timeless cut that can create stunning moissanite engagement rings.


The halo is a circle of paving moissanite around a center stone, and doubling it means there’s another halo surrounding the first. The effect makes the center stone look huge and sparkle more. That makes the double halo cushion cut engagement ring dazzling and impressive to present, and it will definitely make your big moment memorable.


Customize your engagement ring


You can find double halo cushion cut engagement rings from a reputable jeweler specializing in moissanite rings. Customize your ring in white, rose, or yellow gold (14K or 18K) or platinum, and choose a moissanite center stone ranging from 1.00 to 3.00 carats. Consider a ring extra additional 76 round brilliant cut side stones for a more dazzling effect.


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