Download the Best App for Learning Chinese

There is an app for everything nowadays, so it should come as no surprise that there is an app for kids to learn Chinese too. In the age of social distancing, learning in a completely virtual environment has become a base necessity. App learning need not be a boring experience for children. There is abundance of opportunity in making Chinese learning apps fun and engaging for children.

Your child can self-learn Chinese

Out of all the globally known languages, Chinese seems to be intimidating at first though it doesn’t have to be. A Language like Mandarin has its own specific tonality which differs from all other languages which is harder to get used to at first. Your children can now learn Chinese via app which follows a self-learning model.

A child’s mind is much more pliable hence teaching them a language from an earlier stage in their life can be quite beneficial. Chinese learning apps like Galaxy kids empower your children to learn on their own with fun to read stories and rewards based progress tracking system.

Language learning apps can also be included in school curriculum where children can learn a language together in groups. Group learning sessions accelerate the potential for self-learning as learning beside friends makes the entire experience twice more fun to be a part of.

Learning the Chinese language with AI

Conversation is the best means of learning any language. Most often we notice kids picking up the way we talk just by listening to us while we talk. Verbal communication is crucial for language training.

Now, the question that remains is how do children learn the Chinese language using a Chinese learning app?

Simple, by conversing with an AI. With the help of artificial intelligence Galaxy Kids designed an AI chatbot with which children can converse and learn Chinese in the mini chat section. The chat buddy is embedded with voice recognition software that helps correct your child’s pronunciation along with practicing and recording it too.

These chat buddies are also customizable and has different funny cartoonish characters like Nana & Maxi, each with its own unique trait. A Galaxy kid comes with dozens of other interactive features which is sure to help your child all the way.

About the Galaxy Kids app

Knowing an international language can give children a competitive edge in their future. Fortunately, learning Chinese is now easier thanks to the Galaxy Kids app.

Any child is blessed with the ability to adapt and learn from a very early age which is Galaxy kids intends to nurture that trait amongst 1 to 8 year olds. The curriculum is designed by Chinese Language experts and is meant to be recognized as one of the best apps for learning Chinese with a naturally fun learning style.

Now your kids will never feel distracted from learning Chinese.

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