Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Guide to Unlock Secret Boss Battle

Bandai Namco Entertainment has published a semi-open world of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot for users to enjoy in their leisure time. The game is basically based on an action role-playing genre and available for every major platform such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. The story of the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot game is focused on exploring the new regions and form strong bonds with other heroes as well.

In the endgame of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, there is a secret boss roaming in the shadows, and that boss is Mira. The extended universe fans are sure to recognize Mira as a secret boss in the game. Also, Mira is challenging to beat, would be an understatement.  In order to unlock the boss, gamers have to use each aspect of their skill set.

Before gamers can face off against Mira, they will need to eliminate each Villainous opponent that Dragon Ball Z: kakarot game has to offer. As in the case that was not challenging enough, then players will need to eliminate Gotenks and Vegito. To get ready for each of these difficult matches, gamers will be required to be more geared up than ever.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Train Hard to Win Big  

In case, gamers want any chance of defeating either Gotenks or Vegito, and they will then need to make sure that they have gained enough necessary Mastery Skills. Some of the Mastery Skills that are usually summoned for how it significantly empowers gamers, i.e., self-medication.  These skills can conveniently heal the health of Goku during the Surge.

In case gamers desire to get a chance to attain this Mastery Skill, then they will simply need to work hard enough to get the training room to its highest level.  You should also need to reach at least level 80 before facing Gotenks and Vegito, as both of them will be at level 100. So, make sure to play hard and unlock as many powerful moves as possible in the game.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Gotenks and Vegito

Before gamers can fight against Gotenks and Vegito, then they are required to make sure that they have eliminated each of the villainous foes of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot game.  Both the opponents will be hard to beat as they are at level 100 and could easily push gamers to their peak level of frustration.

To defeat these two, players will first need to pay attention to Gotenks. As compared to Vegito, he has the lowest defense and HP level, meaning Gotenks will go down more conveniently. When facing Gotenks, gamers should be wary as he uses skills such as Galactic Donuts that can damage gamers with its stun effect.

In case you do it properly, he should go down without making too much effort in the game. After defeating the Gotenks, you can now face off against Vegito.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Mira, The Secret Boss

Its fans are hailing the fight against Mira in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot game as a welcome trip to the extended franchise universe fans. Mira is at 100 level, and the battle against him will be as long as he has 4 million HP and can also take a severe beating quite easily. Gamers should stand firm and then rush to him with a surprise attack as such.

Moreover, his attacks are also awfully punishing. Before gamers even consider fighting with him, it is highly suggested that they will reach at least 80 levels. With this, the gamers will have faced several challenges, and then they should be capable of taking this battle on.

This combat is remarkably more prolonged than any other enemy, as Mira possesses a lot of health. Make sure to keep an eye on your Ki bar all the time. With this, you can easily play in Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3 mode in the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot game.

Mira also has a dark Kamehameha power that he can use with an incredibly vast blast range. In order to overcome such a powerful move, all you need to do is utilize at least one special move, such as a Super Kamehameha, to encounter his dark Kamehameha. This will conveniently counter the attack and revert it to Mira.

Regarding Goku’s friends, you should consider wisely before fighting Mira and arm them using crippling abilities. For instance, these can involve Sunbite and should be used to its maximum level. Make sure to build a strategy and stick in what they are comfy with and use each attack as much as possible. After defeating Mira in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, gamers should now set their eyes on the other upcoming challenging trophies that the game has to offer.

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