Drinks That Go Well With Fried Chicken


A lot of work goes into crafting uniquely delicious, golden-fried crispy fried chicken Castle Hill. Who doesn’t like to eat crunchy, crispy, juicy, yet succulent fried chicken? It tastes so good when paired with the right beverage, especially wine. The next time when you have a delicious fried or charcoal chicken Castle Hill, consider pairing it with a delicious wine. However, you can even try a cocktail and beer with fried chicken. When paired right, every bite of crispy fried chicken with a sip of wine or beer tastes heaven. Take a look at these tips for pairing wine with fried chicken:-

White wine

Pairing white wine with fried chicken can be trickier. Because for many, the natural inclination is to stack up rich buttery chardonnay or wines made from Rhone grapes. However, these wines can come off as flabby or sour against the saltiness of fried chicken. Instead, choose more aromatic wines, including gruner veltliner or rieslin, for a more pleasing contrast. Many rieslin strike a wonderful balance between acidity and sweetness when paired with fried chicken. It helps to enhance the flavours and make the chicken taste even better.

Red wine

Pairing red wine with fried chicken is easy, and it is one of the best combinations, especially for beginners. The key to pair red wine lies in matching up the richness of the crispy chicken with fat-cutting tannins. Since most of the fried chickens have some heavy spice, a spicy-friendly wine is an ideal choice. For the best results, pair the fried chicken with tempranillo or priorat. Compared to other types of red wines, tempranillo can handle many assertive flavours as it balances the flavours very well.


Champagne is one of the best beverages to pair with a fried chicken. But, it is always an underrated beverage when it comes to pairing with chicken. Just think about the most popular foods that are paired with French Champagne, including caviar, oysters, and popcorn. All these foods have salt in common. Salt, sodium, enhances the sensation of carbonation and brings out more flavours in the champagne. The acidity keeps you wanting for more rather than finishing your meal.

See, the basic principle is not to overpower the chicken. Any wine with a kernel of luscious fruit and decent acidity could go well with a fried chicken. Too much of tannic structure risks masking the flavours. The next time when you visit good restaurants in Castle Hill, try these combinations.

The author is a blogger and chef working one of the good restaurants in Castle Hill – Wishbone Rotisserie. It is a family owned restaurant that provides juicy, delicious, fried chicken and burgers along with salads. Visit https://wishbonechicken.com.au/ for more details.

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