Drug Rehab Guides for Addiction & Mental Health

A lot of people who struggle from drug addiction also deal with depression. If you have co-occurring disorders, then you’ll need to look for a rehab in Los Angeles that offers dual diagnosis treatments.

Substance abuse and mental health

Alcohol or drug addiction can happen with mental health issues. In some cases, the addiction may trigger the depression or anxiety. In other patients, the inability to competently deal with the depression can lead to addiction problems. For instance, roughly about 50 percent of people with mental disorders also have substance abuse problems, with 37 percent of alcohol abusers and 53 percent of drug abusers suffering from at least one mental condition, the HelpGuide says.

Signs of co-occurring disorders

Look out for general warning signs and symptoms that indicate you may be suffering co-occurring disorders. For instance, do you often get high or reach for the bottle in an effort to cope with emotional problems? Do you tend to drink when you’re depressed? If you also exhibit risk factors—if someone in your family has a history of drug or alcohol abuse and mental problems—then that could put you at a higher risk of developing co-occurring disorders, the Psycom says.

Care programs for both

If you exhibit symptoms of both conditions, then that’s going to complicate your treatment. You’ll need to check yourself in a facility that offers care programs designed to address both. If you only focus on treating the addiction, then whatever progress you make on that end will be compromised by your growing depression and vice versa.

Choosing a program

Before you check into a facility for drug detox in Los Angeles, you need to make sure it offers programs that can address your needs. Are dual diagnosis treatments available? What kind of treatments do they offer? What type of treatment do you require? Will you go for inpatient or outpatient treatment programs? Consider that before you pick a rehab in Los Angeles.

Understand what’s going to happen

Learn as much as you can about the program, the methods and activities that you’ll participate in. Many facilities use one-on-one sessions and group therapy for treatment. Others also encourage the participation of family members and loved ones in the sessions to facilitate healing and recovery of the residents/patients.

Detox matters

You can’t start treatment without undergoing detox. For the treatment to start, you need to get rid of the alcohol or drugs in your body. You’ll experience withdrawal symptoms as a result of that. These symptoms may turn out to be dangerous, though, with severe ones putting your life at risk. That’s why a medically-assisted drug detox in Los Angeles is a better option for you since it provides you with a safer and much more comfortable experience.

Qualities to look for

To find the right treatment program, you’ll need to look for the following qualities. Does it offer detox support? Does the program address all your needs? Will you receive counseling and behavioral support? What about an aftercare program? A strong and active program can prevent relapses.

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