Duel of the Flagships: Samsung Galaxy S20 Versus Google Pixel 5

The Samsung Galaxy S20, the successor to the Galaxy S10 is Samsung’s latest flagship phone with some of the best features, was released in February this year. The S20 line consists of the S20+ and the S20 Ultra with crucial upgrades. The S20 series has topped the list of the Best Android phones of 2020 till now. But the S20 is in for some serious competition if Google manages to release its much-awaited Google Pixel 5.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Versus Google Pixel 5

The predecessor to the Pixel 5, i.e. the Pixel 4 and 4XL managed to do quite well in the market at the time of their release. They will only be the predecessor if their successor actually exists. The Google Pixel 5 hasn’t been released, but there have been ample reliable leaks which have been spotted on the internet.

Which Is More Pocket Friendly?

The Galaxy S20 was available in the month of February this year for a steep $999/$899. It was cheaper in countries where the facility of 5G wasn’t available. There is no news on the release of the Google Pixel 5 but is rumoured to launch around October this year like the other models of the Pixel series. According to sources the Pixel 5 is expected to be cheaper than the S20 series. It is likely to cost between $699-$799. The cheaper version will give it an edge over the Samsung flagship and boost its sales which have been an area of worry for the tech giant.

Which Looks and Feels Better?

S20’s display, according to reviewers, has been called very simple but functional. It is fitted with a punch hole along with its subtly curved edges and the rectangular camera at the back of its panel. The phone is available in a variety of colours like the trio of Cloud Pink, Cloud Blue and Cosmic Grey.

Google, on the other hand, makes different phones in terms of display or build quality. The different multi-textured glass on the Pixel 3, or the big top bezel in the Pixel 4, owing to the phone’s Soli radar and the 3D face recognition fitted in it is evidence to support the claim.

It is difficult to say what the result will be when it comes to the display of the Pixel 5, but it is said to have a U-shaped rear camera.

Which Shoots Better?

The Galaxy S20 comes fitted with three rear cameras- 12MPx 64MP (telephoto lens) x 12MP ultrawide lens. The equally good front camera is a 12MP lens. Almost all flagship phones these days come fitted with a 3-lens camera- primary, telephoto and ultrawide. The Google Pixel 5, without a doubt, is expected to feature the same. Google hasn’t been a fan of huge Megapixels per se. So, you can expect a maximum of 12MP a piece as compared to the 64MP or 108MP cameras in Samsung phones.

Even though the megapixels are less, Google has capitalized on the production of images post-processing. It helps beautify photos by adding effects like bokeh and colour optimization of the shot. Other than this, Google’s night scope mode is something that no android phone has been able to beat. It is one of the best in the market after Apple, which allows for the best execution of night time photography.

Therefore, it’ll be hard for Samsung to keep up with any improvements made by Google in its Pixel 5 in terms of camera quality.

What to Expect?

If and when the pixel 5 is released, it is going to set off an exciting duel between the two tech giants. With Google wanting to change so much about their new flagship and Samsung upgrading their phones with some of the best hardware over the years, hopefully, will lead to something fruitful for the consumers.


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