Dumbbell set for men fitness training home gym workout

Dumbbell set is a training and fitness equipment mainly for muscle strength and line. It is very suitable for maintaining body shape, sculpting body and keeping body shape. It can specifically train pectoralis major, biceps brachii, back muscle and rectus abdominis. Dumbbell Manufacturer Online

Following the FEATURES of a chromed dumbbell have:

KNURLING GRIP: Cross-hatch textured handlebar provides a comfortable, slip resistant surface so you can stay focused on your arm workout. While curling, the solid steel collars and handle promote maximum grip.

ADJUSTABLE STRENGTH TRAINING: Heavy-duty solid, steel cogs securely lock in the adjustable plates.

STRENGTH TRAINING: Perform a wide variety of exercise by incorporating strength training or intensify your lunges or squats using the dumbbells. Suitable for in-home training.

EASY ASSEMBLY: Detaching and reattaching weights is simple. The outside collars lock in the weights for added safety. Spiky Massage Ball Manufacturer

The total weight of the set is about 10kg. It is mainly composed of weight plates, bar and collars. The details as follows: 1.25Kg * 2pcs, 2.5kg * 2pcs; The bar diameter is 25 mm, 28 mm and 30 mm for optional; The collars is matched.

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