Duplex and Super Duple Valve and its main features:

The duplex and super duplex ball valves are formed by a sphere passed through a central hole inside.

Like all ball valves, the duplex and super duplex ball valves feature:

– Full fluid blocking functionality

– Agility in operation

– Use with only ¼ turn

– 90-degree angle to achieve full functionality.

The duplex and super duplex ball valves are widely used in industrial sectors, mainly in the offshore market, as it presents agility and efficiency in its use since the opening and closing time of the valve is reduced.

– Its use is very present in the offshore market, as it is indicated to meet the need for materials with superior chemical stability.

– It can be produced in the following materials: duplex and super duplex.

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How are the duplex and super duplex valve?

The duplex and super duplex ball valve have a very efficient application in aggressive media.

It is highly recommended for use in sectors that have applications subject to pitting corrosion. Also, the duplex and super duplex ball valves are widely used under wet tension, and in the presence of chlorides.

Because they are indicated for sectors that work with materials of superior chemical stability, the duplex and super duplex ball valve meet all the necessary and normative requirements for this application.

Thus, the use of the duplex and super duplex ball valve ensures greater safety and stability in handling products that have superior chemical stability.

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Duplex and Super duplex valve safety and reliability:

Both ball, duplex and super duplex valves have a high level of safety and reliability. Because they are widely used in more aggressive media, due to chemical components, they have extra protection in their manufacture. Check more details with the best swing check valve manufacturer in Germany.

Thus, they present complete security in all phases, from installation to handling.

For the choice to be made correct, we indicate:

Seek help from a professional:

If your company works with products of the chemical origin or with more aggressive characteristics, it is ideal that you have the support of a professional.

The professional will be able to assess whether for your case, whether, for your project, it is best to use the duplex or super duplex ball valve.

Thus, with technical support and insurance to make the purchase correctly, and get the best possible profit on your project. They will also guide to always buy it from Valve manufacturer in Germany.






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