Dynamic-sim.com – Dynamic SIM Activation

What is Dynamic SIM?

Dynamic-sim.com is platform which targeted operator to save money and take the subscriber activation for the next generation. The platform release the operator to pre-provision each of the prepaid subscribers ahead of shipping them to all of the point of sales and warehouse. Dynamic-sim.com enable operators to sell the SIM card with no the presents of sales representative and sell it like any other commodity. Get more information about stealth sim

The platform allow personalization with the activation process, the platform recognize the device (Can be smart phone very simple phone, tablet, Pc, Dongle and so forth.) and offer you for the subscribers all the options (Prepaid, postpaid, new number, ported number, language, additional services) and only then activate the subscriber. No longer pre provision SIM cards with repair number and committed to Data or to calls and SMS.

How Does It Work?

The user insert the SIM card into the device along with the SIM automatically will attain to the network and it will likely be recognized as unregistered SIM. A prob will triger the SIM to Dynamic-sim.com platform plus a dialog with all the subscriber will start primarily based on the operator selection and then the Dynamic-sim.com will triger the provisioing command to a single or multiple platforms. The communication together with the subscriber is usually by USSD, SMS or Mobile browser and can be diverse primarily based around the terminal (USSD in easy phone and Mobile browser in Smart phone).

Operator Benefits

Save Logistical Costs and Lower SIM Inventories

Operator can use only one sort of SIM pre-provisioned with applet or without the need of it, for any number of products or strategy sorts (Voice SMS, Information only and other folks) existing right now or that should be created within the future. No ought to pre-provision the SIM and its packaging using a number (MSISDN) and unique promotion components and no have to pre-associate the MSISDN with a program.

Monitor Campaigns and Get Immediate Marketplace Feedback

The system supplies real time information on SIMs bought and plans activated by clients. Operator is able to measure the results of new products or new campaigns straight from the system in RT.

Shorten Time to Market

No really need to operate the complete logistics cycle in case of new campaigns or products – no have to pack, repack and distribute SIM packages to retailer POS, just change/add the strategy within the Billing System and Dynamic SIM makes it possible for users to subscribe to those plans from already distributed SIMs immediately.

Save Payments to Authorities

It’s typical practice by various authorities to charge per number used by operators or by numbering strategy. Dynamic SIM reduces this pre-purchased number inventory to a minimum and makes the expense JIT.

Save Network Resources and System Licenses

Inside the case of Dynamic SIM, the subscriber is provisioned only immediately after the SIM was bought and inserted in to the device.

Easily Re-use Numbers

Expired/retired numbers may be quickly re-provisioned to new SIMs as soon as they’re recycled in the network systems.

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