Dyson Hand Held Vacuum Pulsing?

Are you suffering from a pulsing Dyson Vacuum cleaner?

If you are experiencing pulsing from your Dyson vacuum it is more than likely a blocked airway somewhere. We suggest first trying the vacuum without any attachments / motorheads etc. If after trying this the pulsing stops then the issue is within the attachment / motorhead. So check the airway ways of the attachment for any blockages and remove any debris and retest. Dyson Tool Kit

If the above hasn’t sorted the pulsing issue you have now narrowed the issue down to a fault with the airways of the main body or filters. We always advise to replace or clean filters every few months. Dyson Accessory Kit

When cleaning a filter you need to make sure it is completely dry as any damp whatsoever on the filter and you can wave good bye to a few pounds as you will more than likely need a new motor body. (we will happily sell you new filters or main motor bodies)

Remove the bin and check all the airways within the main body and remove any debris, refit new or cleaned filters and retest, hopefully this should sort your issues.

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