Dyson HU02 Filter by Hillside Hand Dryers

Dyson Airblade hand dryer is an electric hand dryer based company Dyson, located in people bathroom internationally.

Dyson Airblade HU02 filters employs a thin coating of unheated air traveling approximately 400 km to get rid of heat to evaporate water. Its producer maintains the Dyson Airblade to wash hands in 10 minutes and use less electricity than traditional hand dryers. Dyson Airblade HU02 filters

Dyson Airblade hand dryers have HU02 filters that capture particles as small as bacteria in the tub set before leaving the system. Dyson Airblade hand sprays have been proven effective and reliable by universities, food makers, and companies internationally.

The Dyson Airblade filters is 69 percent more energy-efficient than traditional hand dryers and 97 percent less costly than paper towels. The Airblade is more economical to function since it doesn’t call for a warm atmosphere, increasing power consumption.

The Dyson HU02 filter would be that the successor to the very common AB12. This front porch is ADA compliant, protruding only 4 inches from the wall. Additionally, it is a speedy and mighty hand drying hand dryer in a tiny package, but it is now 30% quieter.

The very popular Dyson hand dryer is the Dyson Airblade db (AB14). Like the AB12, the HU02 comprises not only one but 2 HEPA filters, making the atmosphere that comes in the hand dryer cleaner and more sterile than the air going in.

Dyson HU02 filters Benefits

  1. The HU02 is 30 percent more expensive than the preceding generation.
  2. The HU02 dries your palms at 12 seconds but uses less electricity compared to the former generation.
  3. The newly redesigned 1000 Watt motor costs less to operate.

Most other hand dryers are unhygienic. They do not filter germs from the bathroom air. They suck a rancid atmosphere then blow it on palms. The Dyson HU02 filter will help to reduce your carbon footprint. Dyson Airblade HEPA Air Filter

The Dyson HU02 filter entails a lesser environmental impact by generating approximately 84.6 percent less CO2 than regular hand dryers and 82.7 less than paper towels.

Easy maintenance due to its innovative backplate, the Dyson HU02 filter might be mounted or removed from the wall economically. More extended maintenance means it’s more likely to be carried out frequently, causing a lengthier service lifetime.

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