E-commerce Payment Gateway: Change Your Way

“Payments in a lot easier way”

E-commerce Payment Gateway helps merchants to receive online payments from e-commerce platforms. Running into assumptions that e-commerce businesses never lose a sale just because nobody knows the backside of its story.

The E-commerce platform is the best place for selling when one wants to connect with a wide range of people globally. But to stand in the international market, following the parameters of good quality services is essential.

Here’s the tip. Don’t just wait for an opportunity or wait for a calamity to happen. Take precautions before that time comes. E-commerce merchants are well-acknowledged to the market demand. But due to schemers in the market, merchants lose their hope in the supporters.


Fine! Let’s talk about those things that make an E-commerce merchant tense. E-commerce platforms earn via online payments and the only thing they rely on the most is a payment gateway. It’s payment processing software that helps merchants to accept money online directly from websites.

Now, the condition of E-commerce merchants is on hype. They perform low because of a lack of merchant services. Financial instability of merchants and huge chargeback rates creates a big impact on their image. It leads to divergent views of the merchant in the minds of financial institutions.

But, what do we do now? No need to rush things. Search for a PSP that has been working with high-risk industries for a long time. What a PSP has to do with your chargeback? That’s the right question.


Payment service providers help high-risk merchants to grow and achieve successful transaction rates. They are well known for their tactics and experience of working in the international market. How would merchants feel if they has been suffering from the loss for a long time and suddenly get cured?

Amazing, right? We know what you’re thinking. What is it got to do with us? See, there are a lot of things a merchant should do before getting into a contract with a PSP. First of all, every PSP is not reliable. So, to check it out, go through their experience, and the industry they have worked with.



We have the experience of decades and we’re well known for our services & marketing strategies. Our main goal to work in a high-risk industry is to provide the opportunity to grow for even high-risk merchants.

It’s got to be a concern for many high-risk merchants that, what if they have to take steps back because of no support. But to let them work with ease we’re doing our best to help them explore themselves.


As everyone knows, there’s not a small variety of businesses that come under the category of high-risk. We want to name some of them. We’ve worked with ForexOnline CasinoOnline Gaming, and Adult Industry too. That straightly proves that we’re eligible as a reliable partner for handling online high-risk businesses.

Even if a merchant simply works as an e-merchant who runs an E-commerce website, there is no issue with it. Every website that exists online and selling something online is referred to as e-commerce, no matter which business it is. As you know, we’re good at providing great results in a specific period, considering the effect on business and the time should be involved.


Reliability can be judged in many ways. But sometimes as evidence of your credibility, you can show someone that how protective you can be for them. That’s why you can trust highriskgateways. We’re certified with the Level 1 certification by PCI DSS.

And although this proves our credibility, we stick to our morals and strictly follow the rules and regulations stated by PCI DSS. Respectfully, we want to provide consumers with an environment to roam around freely.


When we started our journey our first goal was to conquer every part of the world. Yet, we’re on that path. Now, we’re able to connect to a wide range of countries and also have the experience to set out deals in a pretty great presentation.

About E-commerce, there is a lot to learn yet. But even after that, we have learned many great lessons via our experiences and practices. And we know how to present a brand in front of consumers.


Merchants should know that relying on a reliable partner is good for their good. Our team of experts is always ready to help out the merchants to let them work in their best shape. Of course, even if we’re a team of experts questions can arise in the mind of merchants.

So, we’re ready to battle with merchants’ doubts and kick their doubts out of their minds. Plus, we’re not leaving alone the consumers as well. If they would face any problem paying their bills, we’ll help them as well.


Multi-Currency Support

Every country has its currency, and consumers won’t be shy to ask for the convenience to pay in their currencies as well. Our E-commerce payment gateway helps the merchant to accept online payments in several currencies. Since providing comfort to the consumers is the priority of a merchant, this gateway would be the biggest evidence to prove their oath.

Fraud Prevention

Data & money are two of the strongest things in the world for that a person will not hesitate to do anything. But some people take it too seriously. Online fraud is a word, which we do hear a lot, and some of us must have already experienced it as well.

Well, to provide full secure transaction rates this payment gateway runs many fraud prevention tools. It makes sure that not a single transaction would get processed without a full security check. Providing a complete solution includes security too and that’s what it does.

Credit Card Processing

Many people use cash for paying for the stuff they ordered. It can’t be refused since it’s an old way of payment. But no matter what anyone says, card payments are way better than other alternative payment methods. As many of the payment processors fail to provide satisfying results, merchants have to compromise with the situation.

It’s not only that, this payment gateway accepts cards payment. Plus it has the support of a powerful payment processor that can process online card transactions without a single glitch or error. Surprised? Don’t be, because it’s one of this gateway’s abilities.

Alternative Payment Modes

How mesmerizing it would be to get the comfort to pay in the way we want, right? Like many other businesses in every other country, your business will be able to grow as well. This payment gateway allows the merchant to accept several popular modes of payment. Some of them could be – Internet transfer, e-wallet, UPI, and many more. Don’t you think this is convenient for consumers?

Bank Cascading

How it’s like to be helpless? It’s the same for the consumers when they try to pay for something and they have to see something like “Oops! So sorry, your payment is failed”. For that, this payment gateway would be the best solution, because this gateway has the support of several acquiring banks.

And with their support merchant don’t need to worry about an issue like payment failure. Even, if one bank refuses to process the transaction, another one will complete it without any delay. Doesn’t a consumer deserve this?

Real-Time Reporting System

Losing money is not a big deal if it’s for a few times. But what if it turns into a continuous process? This payment gateway has the support of a real-time reporting system that alerts the merchant for every transaction.

But it also alerts the merchants if any issues occur in their payment processing area. This will save a lot of time and energy. And due to that, a merchant will be able to cover up the loss to an extent.


So, we’re at the end. Got something useful? Let’s recall what we have been through from top to bottom. First, we got to know how the E-commerce industry works, and then we got to know about a reliable PSP. Then we got to know what would happen if merchants choose highriskgateways as a partner.

Next, we got to know, why an E-commerce payment gateway comes into the category of a reliable partner. Now, as the topic is clear you can think on your own for your best. Drop a mail to have a great experience with our E-commerce payment gateway, now!



Source: E-commerce Payment Gateway: Change Your Way

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