EA Instagram Account Bombarded With Plea For Skate 4 Development!

Much anticipated E3 2019 gaming expo is a few weeks away, and interestingly enough players and fans are demanding for a Skate 4 title from the EA publishing studio. A slew of comments bombarded the official EA studios Instagram account which requested the studios to develop a Skates 4 title for skating fans.

It has now started to become a trend for Skating fans to request a new edition of EA’s Skate franchise every year. Although EA has no official plans to develop a new Skate title until now, still looking at the vast fan base demanding a fourth addition to the franchise may result in some advancement related to the development of this title.

Other studios like creā-ture are already looking forward to capturing such intensive demand of skating fans by developing their exclusive Session skating video game which would allow players to enjoy various aspects of skating in a much more realistic environment.

The latest requests for the Skate 4 title can clearly be witnessed at the official Instagram account of EA as fans are asking the studio to come up with a new edition for the most preferable skating game in the gaming industry.

As EA gaming studio recently shared a new post on their official Instagram page with the dates and venue for the E3 2019. Mainly the post suggested that the upcoming E3 is about to commence from June 8th and will last until 9th June.

The said post crossed over 18,000 likes and got more than 1500 comments, but interestingly enough the majority of comments on the post were associated with Skate 4. The comment box for the said post was overwhelmingly filled with the support for the Skate 4 title.

Fans posted a range of comments like as simple as Skate 4! to We Want Skate 4 alongside a hashtag #makeskateagain. Fans of Skate posted all sorts of comments whether it be aggressive or passive, but they did manage to flood the chat box sufficiently enough to make their demands noticeable.

The last Skate 3 edition was out during late 2010, and since then there has been no further development associated with this highly enjoyable game. Fans of Skate title have been asking for a new sequel to the exciting game, but the developers at EA are not quite considering the game to expand and have claimed to not develop any extension to the title since 2010.

Still as the Electronic Arts is planning to go big to E3 this year with announcements scheduled for a plethora of games it would be interesting to see if the studio also decides to announce a Skate 4 title as fans are continually requesting it for quite some time.

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