Earl Grey Tea

This heavenly scented beverage, one of the British Empire’s treasures of the Orient, is fit for royalty.

Legend has it that in the 1830s, the aristocrat Earl Grey commissioned a Chinese tea merchant to find the right herbs in his apothecary to stamp out the bitter taste and odour of the local water, which was highly concentrated with lime. The Chinese master chose bergamot flower as his secret ingredient, infusing the fresh, floral essence of the oil into tea. Tea Herbal

Soon, Earl Gray’s “fusion” tea became popular at parties among the British upper class. Its history, luxurious aroma and sophisticated bouquet impart Earl Gray with a regal air to this day and it is revered as a classic English tea around the world.

Our classy Earl Grey Tea is blended in house. We use premium organic Orange Pekoe 1 Ceylon Tea leaves, generously spiked with zesty Bergamot rind and infused with Bergamot oil – just enough to impart plenty of up-front citrus flavour while allowing the superb taste of the tea itself to shine.

It has a malty base with bright, slightly bitter citrusy undertones and mild astringent notes. One of Australia’s most popular teas, it can be enjoyed at any time of day.

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