Early Signs of BMW Engine Failure

BMW engines are fit for a versatile performance. You can drive one on the busy city roads or take it cruising on the highway. That’s just how they are built. What’s more exciting is that BMW has taken note of almost everything when manufacturing their engines.

That’s why your engine won’t just malfunction suddenly one day. It always starts by giving

subtle signs of underlying issues. If you’re smart, you’d pay attention to these early signs of failure and get a replacement BMW engine for sale as needed.


Look out for the following signs of engine failure.


Check Engine Light 

The check engine light is the first and most prominent sign of trouble. You’ll find the check engine light blinking on your dashboard whenever your ECU suspects an issue. It’s built to do exactly what the name says—make you check your BMW car engine.

Often, it’s a minor issue with no major consequence, but sometimes paying attention to your check engine light can save you thousands of dollars in repair & replacement.


Car Shaking 

Has it ever happened to you that your engine starts vibrating or jerking while driving?

It may be subtle but prominent enough to catch your attention. If yes, that’s your cue to take your BMW to a mechanic and get a diagnosis done. It could be just a spark plug issue, but sometimes there’s a broken internal part or timing belt at fault too. So, if your car is shaking on drives for no reason, don’t dismiss it just yet. Let an expert BMW technician take a look at it first.


Burning Smell 

As an engine begins to age, it develops a few problems because of increasing wear and tear. One such common problem is oil burning. If your BMW engine is burning oil, it can soon send on the engine failure track.

An early sign of burning oil is a foul odor or burning smell coming from under your hood. It can be due to other reasons as well like overheating or an electrical wire issue.


Unusual Sounds 

The only acceptable sound when driving a BMW is the iconic signature BMW sound. Anything there than that should raise concern. Often unusual sounds like ticking, knocking, and grinding coming from the engine when there’s a clogged fuel filter, worn-out spark plugs, or dirty air filters.

All these considerably minor issues, if left unattended, can turn into the cause of your BMW engine failure. Whenever someone buys a used BMW motor, more often than not, ill engine maintenance is the reason behind it.


Oil Puddle 

Oil puddles underneath your car are never a good sight. If there’s a leak in your BMW engine, the engine oil, fuel, or brake fluid would drip and form a puddle below your car.

If you find an oil puddle underneath your car regularly, know that you’re dealing with a leak. It can cost you a lot in repairs and the top-up of leaked fuel.


Address the Early Signs of Engine Failure 

If your BMW is giving you signs of possible engine failure, ignoring them wouldn’t be very smart. Instead, consult a BMW technician and troubleshoot any and all issues present.

If your engine is beyond repair, you can find a used engine for sale with a warranty and swap it in your BMW.

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