Earn Commissions And Extra Income By Becoming A Real Estate Agent

The real estate business is booming in Kentucky. Those looking for ways to earn extra commissions and additional income can become an agent to facilitate the sale and purchase of the real estate. You can utilize your free time and money to earn a real estate license and make it your livelihood.

You can improve your contact network and gain access to more real estate deals by obtaining a real estate license online. It is one of the proven ways to supplement your income. It eliminates the need for dependency on a realtor to get alerts on new deals.

  • Requirements to obtain a real estate license
  • To earn a real estate license, you should be aged above 18 years
  • Completion of background check for criminal activities by the FBI
  • You should have obtained a GED or a high school diploma
  • You should have completed real-estate pre-license courses by attending and clearing a 96-hour real estate program from an approved school or six credit hours from an accredited college in real estate
  • You should qualify for the Sales Associate Exam in Kentucky
  • You should apply for a real estate license within 60 days after satisfying all these real estate license requirements.

The 96-hour real estate program comprises Part A and Part B. The mobile-friendly Part A focuses on real estate principles in general. Real estate license law is covered in Part B. You can learn the second part on an App. It is also necessary to complete a scenario-based project in Part B. You can undergo a proctored course online to complete the program.

  • Duration of the course

You can check the pricing and options for your real estate agent course. You need to enroll at a local realtor institute and complete the above-mentioned courses within the specified time. It takes one or two days after paying the fee to get enrolled in the course.

The institute provides all study materials and prepares you well to pass the exam and get your Kentucky real estate license in a single attempt. You need to work hard and aim to obtain the license to earn additional income to support your family.

  • Knowing the local and national real estate principles

You need to put in the effort to know the local as well as national real estate laws and principles in your course and training programs. You can learn either from online courses or live classes from public universities or accredited colleges.

Even after getting a license, you need to study for 20 hours or more every two years to improve and practice real estate principles and techniques to enhance earning potential and satisfy several real estate buyers and sellers. The satisfied clients will recommend your service to others and improve your earnings.

  • Improving contacts

You need to improve your contacts with other agents to get alerts on new properties and details of those interested in investing in Kentucky Real Estate. You can also become a realtor by obtaining a NAR (National Association of Realtors) certification. You need to maintain strict ethics in your profession. It provides access to RPR (Realtors Property Resource) and receives details of various available properties.

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